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    Jerad says:

    Try graphing evolution, intelligent design

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    Jim Smith says:

    I have no idea what it means. Why don’t you write more about what you think it means and why? Does it combine negative references as well as positive? Maybe it means people are writing a lot about ID being wrong. Why do you compare “intelligent design” to “appar”?

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    Jerad says:

    You do realise that even books arguing against intelligent design fall into the intelligent design category.

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    Mark Frank says:

    Yet another headline ending in a question mark.

    The n-gram of course means nothing. It only goes up to 2008. If you remove the smoothing you will see there is a peak starting at 2005, peaking at 2007 and then starting to fall away in 2008. This was a period of interest in ID (The Dover trial was in 2005). Look at this to get some idea of what happened afterwards.

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    Jerad says:

    Mark #5

    Wow, the peak was December 2005 (when the Dover trial decision was released) and was only 100. Most recent data points look to be at about a height of 3. A similar search over the same time period for evolution shows it never dropping below 30.

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    bornagain77 says:

    An atheist noted that ID is trending downwards on Google search since its spike during and after the Dover Trial,,,
    But the atheist failed to mention that ‘Evolution’ also appears to be on a downhill trending slide too.
    Whereas “God” and “Jesus” are both trending upwards on Google search.
    and“Bible” is holding pretty steady

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    Mark Frank says:

    #8 BA77

    My comment was simply addressing the OP which suggested that the n-gram might mean ID was “winning”. Your Google searches suggest interest in “evolution” also peaked about 2005 (not surprising as it was part of the same debate) and has dropped away since but not nearly so sharply as ID which has almost vanished. But also note that the word “evolution” is used in all sorts of unrelated contexts like the evolution of the IT industry – so the search really means very little.

    It is telling is that interest in ID has dropped away despite a slight rise in interest in Jesus and God.

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    Joe says:


    Try graphing evolution, intelligent design

    Only a Grand Equivocator would suggest such a graph.

    Try graphing blind watchmaker/ unguided evolution and intelligent design.

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    Jerad says:

    I love it that the penultimate data point on the Jesus graph is labelled YouTube Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia.

    These graphs are NOT accurate representations of serious news stories about the topics. Amusing but not indicative of the real trends.

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    Jerad says:

    Joe #10

    Only a Grand Equivocator would suggest such a graph.

    I just thought it made more sense than ID, appar. The only reference to ‘appar’ I could find was for a saint.

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    JWTruthInLove says:

    What’s an “appar”?

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    Mung says:

    We’re still waiting for a model, Jerad.

    Not that we expect you to provide one.

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    Mung says:

    Once again, Jerad fails to produce.

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