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In case anyone cares what Wired thinks about brontosaurus

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REMEMBER PLUTO? TINY lonely rock orbiting the sun at the edge of the solar system? And then, in 2006, researchers summarily defrocked the little world of its status as a planet. Poof! Gone.

This kind of thing has happened before. Many decades ago, paleontologists similarly decided that there wasn’t enough evidence to support the existence of the beloved Brontosaurus. Instead, they said that the noble thunder lizard was just an Apatosaurus. Poof.

But mourn the Brontosaurus no longer! A team of heroes may have rescued it from paleontological purgatory. By cross-referencing the digitized bones from hundreds of long-necked cousins, a team of European scientists now says that they’ve identified enough unique anatomical details to reinstate the Brontosaurus at the head of its own genus. That’s not all. “The real importance of this paper is this is the first time that this group of sauropods have been analyzed in a big fashion,” says Mark Norell, the top paleontologist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. More.

I remember the sciene professional who demanded that I understand that Pluto is NO LONGER a planet, and even his kids’ place mats, showi ng Pluto as a planet, would no longer be allowed on that account.

Wired is such a waste - their bias reminds me of the so-called skeptic sites, where skepticism = a biased dogma. It also reminds me that most people don't want the truth, they just want to be told things that keep them comfortable in what they believe. I know that goes for myself also, but I have the advantage of having a very good science acumen and a history of buying off on neo-darwinism hook line and sinker. It was not until I had an advanced class on Evolution and one in Genetics, that I saw the contradictions, and that I realized it was mainly made of just so stories, and an inability to prove anything but what we normally see, variations in a kind. It is so obvious to me now that what they try to claim as random, is completely wishful thinking and that the preachers of it believe in more miracles than a believer. i have even studied Geology on both sides, and realized that the claim that in places all around the world there are millions of years missing, and they just give it a name and move on: un-conformity - LOL. Or "Jumping Genes" or HGT, alternate splicing, DNA repair mechanisms, cellular machines - code used in bird vocalization duplicated in human speech but not present in our so-called ancestors. Our unique Y chromosome, which looks nothing like an apes. The Cambrian Explosion, which turns out to be one of many "explosions" - and "hopeful monsters" to explain this?? Really??? Population genetics even refutes evolution - this is not science, it is an origin story for atheists. I could go on, but it is obvious they are trying to shove 100 pounds of crap into a 5 pound bag.. [email protected]
This quote from the article is priceless!!! There is always theology in science no matter who said it.....
“That’s how it is with paleontology. Family trees like these are models. They’re not handed down on tablets,”

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