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Douglas Axe: “Tar Pit Study Shows Complete Absence of Evolutionary Change”


Over at the website of the Biologic Institute, Douglas Axe reflects on a new paper in Quaternary Science Reviews by Donald Prothero and colleagues. The paper reports,

The data show that birds and mammals at Rancho La Brea show complete stasis and were unresponsive to the major climate change that occurred at 20 ka, consistent with other studies of Pleistocene animals and plants. Most explanations for such stasis (stabilizing selection, canalization) fail in this setting where climate is changing. One possible explanation is that most large birds and mammals are very broadly adapted and relatively insensitive to changes in their environments, although even the small mammals of the Pleistocene show stasis during climate change, too.

Dr. Axe comments,

I work at the other end of the size spectrum, on protein molecules rather than whole animals. It’s interesting that attempts to catch evolution in the act of doing the amazing things that the textbooks attribute to it seem to fail at both ends of the spectrum.

"It" fails at both ends of the spectrum because it did not happen. Of course, "they" don't want to hear that. Too bad. It is what it is. Can't get from physics and the periodic table of elements to DNA/epigenome without language/Mind, i.e. ID. It's impossible. Ergo, the materialistic theory not only is not true, it's impossible for it to be true. Ever. Case closed. :-) tgpeeler
Amen Dr. Axe. Evolution is not even suggested by a twith or a tweet on these critters. it's like they never would or did evolve by mutations and selection. None of these creatures have mutations begging to be selected on and hurry. In fact the fossil record nEVER shows creatures with bits and pieces that have yet to be selected on. Everything has what it needs and nothing extra. Nothing about to be used or no longer used and hanging around still. Even marine mammals use these vestigial bits today which are evidence of a former land life. Robert Byers

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