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Later This Month, Jerry Coyne To Show Scotland “Why Evolution is True”


Glasgow Skeptics are hosting an event later this month, on Monday November 26th, featuring American evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne of the University of Chicago. His topic is “Why Evolution is True.” Although I would normally attend these events, unfortunately I am unable to make this one. I am told that it is hoped that the event can be recorded, so will likely be providing a review of the talk when it becomes available online.  The event begins @ 19:30 and takes place in the Admiral Bar (72a Waterloo Street, G2 7DA Glasgow, United Kingdom). You can read the full details here, or visit the facebook events page here. In addition, Coyne is giving a talk in Edinburgh on Friday the 23rd of November (Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 4), starting @ 7pm. His topic is “Why Science and Religion are Incompatible.” Full details can be found here (facebook events page here). I look forward to seeing (and reviewing) the recording.

Science is just one area of religion, (particularly Christianity), among many others. The idea that they are incompatible is beyond laughable. Theology is rightly called the Queen of the Sciences. It's just unfortunate that it, too, has its charlatans, as well as its geniuses. When you or one of your fumbling, pedantic, atheist confreres can up with and pioneer a new paradigm, Gerald - no, just come up with one - as did Einstein, Bohr, Planck and Godel - maybe your words wouldn't sound quite as risible. Axel
I believe in engineering more than science. Causal relationships and theories are nice, but until you can consistently do something concretely useful with them, they are just intellectual exercises. RalphDavidWestfall
Evolution is neither true nor false. Mung
Oddly Scotland. Scotland is case in point of how religion created greater intelligence and so "science". The Protestant reformation in Scotland made in Puritan/Evangelical (save for Highland Catholics) and as elsewhere raised the intelligence/industry of the common people with a result of a small minority of thinkers creating great advances in thought on all things. Its now called the Scottish enlightenment and means more intellectual achievement was done relative to England or the world . It was not being Scottish but being closer to the true faith or rather puritan/Evangelical. So a sharper mean was created in the population in smarts with a top group becoming famous for being even sharper. Science is about intelligence and intelligence is from motivated people and Christianity and especially Protestantism demanded people become motivated before God and man and nature. Couldn't be more wrong then telling Scotland religion and science are not compatible. Robert Byers
Why Science and Religion are Incompatible. I agree. Science and the religion of materialism are incompatible. Blind, unthinking devotion to the religion of materialism leads otherwise perfectly rational and intelligent people to come to completely irrational and counterfactual conclusions, such as, inanimate matter can spontaneously generate complex information-processing machinery, and the further introduction of random errors can turn such machinery into me, given enough time. I can think of almost no proposition advanced in the name of science that is more transparently ridiculous than this. Sorry for my recent absence from UD. My new job in aerospace R&D has been very demanding, and extremely rewarding and fruitful. GilDodgen
Science is my Religion, and Religion is my Science Mung
Anyone who trades in such broad and vague terms as "science" and "religion" is very likely clueless about both. Kantian Naturalist
No. He understands religion. It's science he is clueless about. Mung
"Why Science and Religion are Incompatible" May we presume from this title that he has a rather questionable understanding of religion? Eric Anderson

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