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Michael Behe Responds To Lenski’s Latest

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At Evolution News & Views, Michael Behe reviews the latest work from Richard Lenski’s long-term experiments with E. coli:

Readers of my posts know that I’m a big fan of Professor Richard Lenski, a microbiologist at Michigan State University and member of the National Academy of Sciences. For the past few decades he has been conducting the largest laboratory evolution experiment ever attempted. Growing E. coli in flasks continuously, he has been following evolutionary changes in the bacterium for over 50,000 generations (which is equivalent to roughly a million years for large animals). Although Lenski is decidedly not an intelligent design proponent, his work enables us to see what evolution actually does when it has the resources of a large number of organisms over a substantial number of generations. Rather than speculate, Lenski and his coworkers have observedthe workings of mutation and selection. For this, we ID proponents should be very grateful.

Read the rest here.

Dr Behe needs to read "Not By Chance" by Dr Lee Spetner- perhaps Lenski should read it too. Joe

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