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Paper Elucidates New Function for Long Non-Coding RNA

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Over at ENV, Casey Luskin draws our attention to a new paper in Nature which elucidates new function for long-non-coding RNA. The paper, which can be downloaded here, reports,

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He lost me in that penultimate line... Axel
I assumed they would have to, but I never really thought about it. But do they provide a phenotypical benefit to us, or are they genetic parasites? I've heard some say that retrotransposons and ERV's have much in common. But sometimes I also wonder whether ERV's started as helpful companions gone astray (along the lines of the cellular origins hypothesis). JoeCoder
JoeCoder, Did you know that transposons carry within their sequence the coding for two of the enzymes it requires to "jump around"/ do its job? Joe
Does this tell us anything more about transposons? I remember Larry Moran using them as a counter-argument against high levels of functional DNA recent. I've read Jonathan Wells Myth of Junk DNA (incuding the transposon chapter). But as the critics have noted, citing a few cases in various species where transposons provide function doesn't prove that the majority of transposons do. JoeCoder

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