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The Molecular “Clutch” of the Dynein Motor Protein

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Over at Evolution News & Views, I have just published a blog post on the recent paper in the journal Cell regarding the molecular clutch of the dynein motor protein:

Here at ENV, I have previously described the molecular flagellar clutch of Bacillus subtilis, the grass or hay bacillus, which allows the bacterium to cease motility upon biofilm formation. A new paper, published in the journal Cell, reports on the discovery of a similar clutch associated with the motor protein dynein.

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I'm afraid this gentleman Jonathon M, may not usurp the office of 'motility specialist', however informally, as it is a title to which title is already possessed by a lady who sells cars at a local Ford dealership. It is there 'in black and white' on her business card, which she proferred to me - with a straight face, even a solemn expression. Axel
Hi Joe, Yes I'm the new "news desk director." Denyse is still around but is busy with other things she's working on. So I'm stepping in. Jonathan News
Jonathan, are you the new "News" ? Is Denyse still around? Nice article. JoeCoder

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