3 Replies to “The Promotional Trailer For Darwin’s Doubt, by Stephen C. Meyer

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    bornagain77 says:

    Atheist Professor Jerry Coyne Fiddles While the Darwinian Palace Burns – April 25, 2013

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    melvinvines says:

    Amazon.co.uk Hardcover: 384 pages

    Amazon.com (USA) Hardcover: 512 pages

    Is this just a typo?

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    bornagain77 says:

    podcast – Dr. Stephen Meyer talks with Michael Medved on the Medved Show’s very first “Science and Culture Update.”
    Each week, leading fellows from Discovery Institute will join Mr. Medved to talk about the intersection of science and culture. Listen in live online or on your local Medved station, or stay tuned for at ID the Future for the weekly podcast.

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