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Video: Frank Turek and David Silverman Face Off On The Existence of God, With Themes Relating to Intelligent Design


An interesting debate took place last week featuring Dr. Frank Turek and David Silverman, with a range of both strong and weaker arguments. The topic was the existence of God, but some I.D.-relevant themes came up in the debate. See it for yourself here.

I think David Silverman's formulation of god-of-the-gaps begs the question. Posting a personal first cause is only a gaps argument if one assumes that there is a "natural" explanation for the universe and biology. But that's what he needs to justify. He also seems to miss the point that science cannot explain or justify itself, but must make reference to logic and reason, which have to be assumed in order for science to proceed. As for being able to design a better planet, these arguments are entirely unconvincing. Rather he needs to explain why a habitable planet exists in a cosmos primarily hostile to life. He needs to show that a planet with 50% less salt water on the surface would produce more favorable conditions for the inhabitants. "If the universe was designed, it was designed very poorly." This sort of hubris is entertaining, but it's not good argumentation. If very specific conditions did not exist, life would not be possible. Saying that it could have been done better is the type of unverifiable bluff that can only elicit a chuckle. In his opening statements so far, he as only appealed to personal incredulity, and he doesn't seem to be bothering with Turek's points much if at all. Perhaps it will get better. Chance Ratcliff
What is David Silverman smoking? He did not debate on the actual topic. Sheesh... Andre

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