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    FtK says:

    That pretty much lays it out…and they say everything that’s happened to the economy is the fault of the Republicans.

    It mentioned Countrywide bank as one of the big lenders that was giving out loans to anybody and everybody.

    My husband and I knew this chick who worked for Countrywide here in Topeka. She was home loan officer, and went to Hawaii several years because she *won* the award for selling the most home loans. She was making *big* bucks.

    In the end, the dingdong ended up screwing around on her husband with some dude at work, and lost her job because of some other scandal at the office.

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    jerry says:


    I sent this out to all on my list last night. It is amazing.

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    jerry says:

    Also I always loved Dire Straits and “Money for Nothing.”

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    tragicmishap says:

    I’d heard most of this before, but I hadn’t realized that the sub-prime loan thing was actually the cause of increased housing costs, but it makes perfect sense. Thanks Dave.

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    jerry says:


    You might want to also post the following


    It came out a year ago and is incredibly funny and just as insightful as the burning down the house video

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    Douglas Moran says:

    This is a great video. Is there a reference somewhere that explains this at a more legible pace?

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    tribune7 says:

    Hope this stays at the top until Nov. 4.

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    Patrick says:

    Does anyone know if this video was hosted somewhere outside of Youtube?

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    tribune7 says:

    It doesn’t look like it. Hopefully, he doesn’t get stubborn and posts it w/o sound (be nowhere near as good but better than nothing) or with music about which copyright is not an issue.
    Or finds someone to host it that is willing to thumb its nose at Universal.

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    Patrick says:

    A response to those who blame the CRA:


    I have not had a chance to look into this that much myself. But this response sounds reasonable.

    Thoughts from anyone who knows more on the subject?


    Saw this recently:


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