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    crandaddy says:

    Wow! If that doesn’t put things in perspective, I don’t know what would. Thanks for sharing it, Dave.

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    todd says:

    Yeah, thank you. I think some of the sayings therein are trite and not always true, but the sentiments are golden. It is because of these lost lives that our eternal vigilence over those who would rule us with the system we have is a small price to pay by comparison.

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    Joseph says:

    Now I am bumming- every time I try to get the story my ‘puter hangs…

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    platolives says:

    This really brings in home for those who volunteer to fight for all all freedoms–like my naval aircrew partner said in VBeach walking the beach behind 5 gorgeous young ladies “we do this so they can do that.”

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    scordova says:

    I salute these brave soldiers. Thank you, friends for your courage.

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