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Life FINALLY Found on Mars!


"...What would happen to the state of mind of America's press if Allah (God) orders the Blacks on Mars to show themselves? Yes, Blacks!", from the book "Closing the Gap: Inner Views of the Heart, Mind, & Soul of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan", pg. 233 Timothy6x
I guess the simplest thing to do would be to just turn the camera and zoom in to get a closer image. There must be a telephoto, not just the lense they use for panoramas, right? Or maybe just roll over to the thing and say "hello, take me to your leader", like the MALF on Stargate. SCheesman
Mapou, I had a that thought as well… there are several elements there that come together and give the appearance of a single object, but the different elements (rocks, of course) are actually separated from each other by some distance. The depth of field is such that things close up appear to have the same focus as things in the background. So we don't have the visual cue of focus (or lack thereof) to determine depth. TRoutMac
TroutMac, good observations. In my opinion, the reason that “Big Foot” looks like a human figure is that the dark areas on the right side of the object, including the head and the forearm, do not belong to the object. They are part of some rock formation in the background behind the object. Looks cool, though. Mapou
Regarding the Mars bigfoot, am I the only one that sees a possible inconsistency in light source? If you look at the rocks in the foreground, it's evident that light is coming toward the camera slightly and from the right side. So the shadows extend mostly to the left of an object, but also come forward slightly. But if you look at "bigfoot", the darkest areas are concentrated on the right side of the figure, while the left side appears to be getting more light. That doesn't seem to fit. TRoutMac
Observations of Mars over the past 20 years have shown that the polar ice caps there are receding. Now we know why. A humanoid race inhabits the planet and they must be burning fuels that are causing Martian global warming. Our plans for a mission to Mars must include Al Gore with a copy of the Kyoto accords. StuartHarris
Well, I don't have any opinion about the face on Mars and it's "authenticity." But I will say that the narrator's comment that it's an "optical illusion" created by sunlight and shadows is laughable. Yes, it may be a coincidence of light and shadow resulting from the topography and angle of the sun, etc., but that's not the same thing as an "optical illusion." Rather, when the sun is at the correct angle, it actually makes it look like a face!! Granted, I'm not too knowledgeable about the face, but I've never heard anyone ask what the topography of the shaded side of the face looks like. In every image I've seen of it, the one side is completely black, in shadow. Sure, the lit side looks like a face. But lighting up the dark side of the mountain could quite easily ruin the entire effect, could it not? TRoutMac
Sorry, folks, you're all wrong. From the position of the "arm", it's obviously Yoda. He must be visiting Obi-Wan Kenobi. Bob Bob O'H
The face on Mars is not an optical illusion. The Mars Global Surveyor satellite took over 120,000 photographs and the one "debunking" the face was the only one out of the hundreds of thousands of photographs to get sent through five filters that distorted the picture beyond all recognition. When the photo is corrected for to remove the damaging effects of the filters (an attempt at restoring the original) there is striking evidence of intelligence behind the structure there. http://journals.aol.com/ordinarymortal/TheUrbanMystic/entries/2007/12/22/face-on-mars-revisited-part-1/598 http://www.metaresearch.org/solar%20system/cydonia/3-faces.asp UrbanMysticDee
To see the original, get the original 43Mb image: http://marsrovers.jpl.nasa.gov/gallery/press/spirit/20080103a/1198865273_31824-1_Sol1369A_WestValley_L257F.jpg Bigfoot is nearly on the left edge, about one-quarter of the way up the image. You need to zoom in a good deal, but once you see him, then you can zoom out again, and he stands out like a bad pixel! SCheesman
Look you lot. This is not evidence of native life on mars. This is clearly just a picture of big foot on vacation. Jason Rennie
C'mon you know that that's Jesus! Long hair, beard, robe... Jesus. jjcassidy
Is it just my imagination or does that look like a WalMart to the left of the Martian? DaveScot
With a planet that big im surprised we dont have of this junk- by the way the face on mars has eroded and dissappeard if im correct. Frost122585
all of the pictures we have of mars and finnally we have a space rock big foot! Yet we still are searching for the missing link here on earth. Frost122585
Greetings again! All will serve Lord Darth Darwin... Do not underestimate the power of the delution... Unlettered and Ordinary
Greetings! Star Wars is true... That's Chewbacca, not big foot. I wonder where the Millenium Falcon landed. Unlettered and Ordinary
Let's just suppose that this is actually an image of an actual creature living on Mars. What would be the explanation, from an evolutionary standpoint, for how this creature ended up with a frame similar to that of a human or ape ON MARS? Lateral Skeleton Transfer? People and their imagination… Yeeesh. TRoutMac
Yeah, and it sustains itself by eating all the non-existent plantlife on the surface... Atom
LOL. We finally found the missing link! We've been searching in all the wrong places. It was on Mars all along. And we are all Martians after all. Hooray! Mapou

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