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Nobel Laureate Fraud Exposed

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On Friday, it was revealed by ABC News that one of the famous shots of supposed Antarctic ice shelves in the film [An Inconvenient Truth] was actually a computer-generated image from the 2004 science fiction blockbuster “The Day After Tomorrow.”

And here it is!

....that Nobel prize could have gone to good use.... JPCollado
Global Warming importance = 0% in ABC election poll. of
ABC and the Washington Post polled Americans about the most important issue to them in the upcoming elections. The economy ranked #1 with 41%, Iraq #2 with 18%, Health Care #3 with 7%, Terrorism/National Security #4 with 5%, Immigration and Ethics followed with 4%, Education and Morals with 2%, Environment and Global Warming continue to receive a 0%.
(Thanks to ABC Poll: GW rates a big fat zero at WattsUpWithThat ) DLH
The Global Cooling Catastrophe YouTube series provides some food for thought on the historic and future impact of sunspot changes that may have caused the "Little Ice Age" etc. Global Cooling Catastrophe 1 Global Cooling Catastrophe 2 Global Cooling Catastrophe 3 Global Cooling Catastrophe 4 Global Cooling Catastrophe 5 DLH
See interview of scientist Bill Carter: Climate Change - has it been cancelled? New Zealand has committed under the Kyoto protocol to Decrease methane. Yet methane DECREASING for last ten years. Emission trading bill - certain to increase electricity and damage the economy. He sees major intimidation against scientists speaking out. He notes the most dangerous type of climate change is COOLING. That would cause major damage to food supply. We don't try to stop volcanoes or hurricanes. We should adapt to it and help those particularly damaged. DLH
"An Urgent Signal for a Coming Ice Age" Ah phooey. Just when I thought I had parted with the jacket-wearing days, here comes the weather giving us 45-50 degree temperatures in Jersey. Global Warming can be really unpredictable. JPCollado
ICECAP is the web site for climate experts addressing ALL climate change issues. They just posted Peter Harris' Apr 27, 2008 An Urgent Signal for a Coming Ice Age This resurrects the Milankovitch parameters of Precession, Obliquity and Eccentricity. Combining this with Solar Forcing appears to give a strong signal for the transition from interglacial to glacial periods. The peak in temperature and Solar Forcing may have been 1998. Thus Harris highlights that we may be coming out of the interglacial into the next glacial period. Global warming models have apparently ignored these parameters. Harris' model projects the temperature is likely to decline over the coming decades.
When paleoclimatologists met in 1972 to discuss how and when the present warm climate would end , termination of this warm climate we call the Holocene seemed imminent and it was expected that rapid cooling would lead to the coming ice age. These ideas were based on the 1M year analogue for climate transitions first proposed by Milankovitch over 60 years ago, which has been demonstrated to show the correlation of glacial and interglacial climate with solar insolation as it is modulated by our changing distance from the sun. These data sets may be used to serve as a signal for the coming ice age. Orbital geometry was approaching similar conditions to those of the previous transitions to ice. But soon it was observed that global temperature was increasing and at about this time Global Climate Modeling GCM received more attention and the Milankovitch analogue was forgotten. There has been no further discussion about the coming ice age. The data below was compiled by the mathematicians Quinn, Levine et al in 1991 and Insolation values due to Precession, Obliquity and Eccentricity as well as total insolation or Solar Forcing are charted on the same time scale as Stages of Glaciation representing climate. This climate data was provided by Lisieckie and Raymo and is based on sediment proxies. The climate data shows close agreement with ice core data based on a different proxy. Produced in 1991 this chart confirms the correlation of climate transitions with insolation which is modulated by Earth position in orbit and was first proposed by Milankovitch over 60 years ago. See full size graph here In studying the analogue there is no use of a GCM which is subject to limitations and interpretation. Use of the analogue is based on simple observation of clear empirical data and the archeological record of temperature. The data and the correlation are sound. The geological record shows that the transitions are sudden, long term and extreme. All of the Milankovitch parameters for a transition are satisfied by the present orbital position. We have already seen extreme winter conditions and T appears to be declining in the short term. The decline will continue under rapidly declining insolation and the coincident effect of reduced solar activity which has also been correlated with temperature in the past.
Read full opinion piece An Urgent Signal for the Coming Ice Age pdf DLH
THIS JUST IN: Global Warming spilled record-breaking 22 inches of snow in Alaska this past Friday and Saturday. See http://www.adn.com/news/alaska/story/387743.html JPCollado
As an environmentalist, I must admit that I'm annoyed at Mr. Gore. I don't think using false footage is a good way to make people take climate change seriously. It leaves the public to question the wisdom of trusting anything Al Gore says. Zakrzewski
This discussion seems to be mostly about posts disappearing, rather than ice-caps! Ah well, there may be a connection, perhaps we should call it Internet Warming. Jerry (post 8) states the obvious solution. I learnt by experience. I am not a regular poster here or anywhere, but as I used to do with letters to the dead tree press, I always kept copies before I sent anything. If I take the time to type something out, rather than talking off the top of my head, I feel it is worth saving, at least for a short while. Concerning melting ice-caps, it seems to me that satellite imagery is conclusive, so we do not need real or imagined pictures of falling ice-cliffs. Unless, of course, we are of the opinion that it's all fake, like those who say we never landed on the moon because it was all a great Hollywood spoof! Mathsteach2
My success rate posting here is approximately 20% i.e. 80% of my posts just dissapear. Just what percentage of posts here are 'Spam' anyway? I moderate on two blogs and contribute to many, and comment spam is a minor inconvenience (1-2% of posts) usually cleaned up after the fact. Either the spam filter is rejecting 80% of the posts or all posts are being reviewed by the moderators for content before they are published. That's the only reason I can think of for the delay and loss. Here's a suggestion. Turn of the spam filter. Allow posts to be published immediately and deal with the few exceptions. Ban trolls and announce their banning so that other posters know who has been banned and why. {DLH I counted 5 comments and 71 spams when I despammed yours. No trolls. No comments deleted.} Horace_Worblehat
Any who want to help sift through spam please ask DaveScott
Ooh, ooh, can I help? :-) Bob O'H
The time delay between posting and appearing is a pain. It wasn't that way before. We Australians have a saying: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Jonathan Sarfati
If you post something that is longer than a paragraph or two then I suggest you do it in a text edit program first before posting it. That way it can be saved till it appears. Also I have a website for my business and in the last few days have been inundated with spam emails. Over 10,000 spam emails in less than 3 days. The usual amount is about 200 a day. So maybe something is going on over the internet. jerry
Just checking if multiple posts help, as it seems to have done for Frost122585. {DLH They don't help - just make more work. Deleted your other one. Any who want to help sift through spam please ask DaveScott} William Wallace
Too funny.
This posting delay stuff is getting really annoying. I have lost several of my posts already. Good ones too. I think you guys should have a handle on this by now.
I quite agree. UD will probably end up loosing contributors. I strongly recommend that UD Deactivate Akismet and moderate all comments manually until Akismet gets its act together. Also, I recommend that everybody look up Akismet via google and complain on their contact us page. William Wallace
This posting delay stuff is getting really annoying. I have lost several of my posts already. Good ones too. I think you guys should have a handle on this by now. Frost122585
I don’t really know if this is fraud. This is just the cut and paste job the global warming believers always do. Repeat the mantra ignore the "actual" evidence. Frost122585
Well said. I think it's consensus within the scientific community (as well as others, but I will not speak for them) that Al Gore is one of the worst things to happen to the environmentalist movement. That said, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with using the CG landscape, especially when there were serious factual errors in the documentary, which need to be addressed first. Luckily, Gore has had the decency to admit his faults, and has significantly changed his live presentations of the film. It's almost like reading a piece of creationist rhetoric; you want to point out the grammar and spelling errors, but the point being made is often so pitiful, that you just aren't sure what to start criticizing. Love! minerva
And Harvard was upset about a look-alike CGI. Graceout
This is a prime example of what happens when science gets politicized. It reflects poorly on Al Gore and casts unwarranted suspicion on the underlying science. The moral is that one should treat all political documentaries with some healthy skepticism and check the underlying facts from some independent sources. Horace_Worblehat

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