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    Mats says:

    And those are the kind of people Israel is suposed to make peace with?
    I wonder if that pic will ever be posted on CNN….

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    tinabrewer says:

    the current bombing campaign, then, will probably be about as effective as the treaty of Versailles in terms of ridding the world of extremism…

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    sagebrush gardener says:

    This salute, originally known as the “Roman salute”, has a fascinating history and was widely used in many countries prior to World War II. In fact, under the name “Bellamy salute” or “flag salute” it was once the customary gesture used while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States. Check out the photo here:


    More info from Wikipedia:

    Because of the similarity between the Bellamy salute and the Nazi salute, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt instituted the hand-over-the-heart gesture as the salute to be rendered by civilians during the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem in the United States, instead of the Bellamy salute.

    The association with Nazism has been so strong that the salute has rarely been used by non-Nazi organizations since the end of World War II. There are several exceptions; one is the Republic of China (Taiwan), where the salute is still used during the swearing of oaths in inaugurations. The salute is also still used by some Palestinian militant groups. It is also known to be used by the Tamil separatist organization, the LTTE, while saluting their leader Velupillai Prabhakaran.

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    StuartHarris says:


    Where did you find the photo?


    Stu Harris

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    The photo was embedded in the following article:

    Europe’s Willful Blindness

    August 7, 2006

    BRUSSELS — Mounir Herzallah explains how it works. Following Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000, he writes in a letter published last month in the German daily Der Tagesspiegel, Hezbollah took control of his South Lebanese village, setting up missile depots in bunkers. “The social work of the Party of God consisted of building a school and a residential home on top of these bunkers. A local sheikh explained to me, laughing, that the Jews will lose no matter what — either because rockets will be fired on them or because the international community will condemn them if they attack the depot.”

    Beirut, November 2001: A frighteningly familiar sight.

    And so a Lebanese Shiite now living in Berlin sets the record straight on Hezbollah. It should be common knowledge in Europe that Hezbollah is an Islamo-fascist organization bent on the destruction of Israel. But Hezbollah’s cynicism in triggering the death of innocents, as seen in the current conflict in Lebanon, is matched by Europe’s cynicism in closing its eyes to reality. Instead, as last week’s debate in the European Parliament shows, politicians and media are once again turning Israel into a pariah state.

    The fact that Hezbollah is waging a proxy war for Syria and, especially, Iran, which shares Hezbollah’s genocidal intention for the Jewish state, is played down. Pictures showing Hezbollah terrorists practicing the Hitler salute are rarely shown. Similarly, reports on the current conflict seldom mention that Hezbollah is using Lebanon’s population as human shields — presenting Israel with the terrible dilemma of either not protecting its own civilians or hitting back and risking hurting Lebanese civilians. This essential context is missing in much of Europe’s public debate of the war.

    The killing of civilians in Qana by an Israeli missile strike is a case in point. As usual, the Israelis had warned the population to leave the village, from where 150 rockets had been launched at Israel. As usual, Hezbollah had been firing from or nearby civilian structures. And as usual, none of this played a role during last week’s debate in the European Parliament. As the word “massacre” was repeated in the European press, an uninformed observer of the lawmakers’ discussions would have had to conclude that Israel killed the Lebanese civilians intentionally.

    For French Communist Francis Wurtz, Israel’s attack on Qana was a “war crime.” The Parliament President Josep Borrell, a Social Democrat from Spain, stated categorically that “no right of self-defense can justify such an act.” The head of the parliament’s Social Democratic group drew the only possible conclusion: “We distance ourselves from those who bear responsibility for this and call on everybody else to distance themselves as well,” Martin Schulz proclaimed. Mr. Shulz called for the isolation of Israel, not the terror organization morally responsible for the carnage.

    Of course, for the European Union, there are no terrorists in Lebanon. Just last week, after 213 members of the U.S. Congress asked the EU to finally add Hezbollah to its terror list, Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja, whose country holds the rotating EU presidency, once again ruled it out, citing the “sensitive situation.”

    It’s that same lack of principles dressed up as responsible policy that turns Hezbollah’s terror sponsors, Syria and Iran, into “mediators.” External affairs Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner said last week that “whether we like it or not, Syria is an influential player.” On Thursday, Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Ángel Moratinos, a former EU envoy to the Middle East, took the road to Damascus, proclaiming a diplomatic breakthrough. The Syrians are “going to exercise all their influence on Hezbollah,” he said. “Both Syria and Spain believe there is no military solution.” Oh, if only those war-mongering Jews were a little more like that peace-loving dictator in Damascus, one could almost hear Mr. Moratinos sigh. The Spanish newspaper El Economista reported Friday that the Syrians denied having given any such promise of influencing Hezbollah.

    Meanwhile, French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy chatted up Tehran. Before heading into talks with his Iranian counterpart last week, the Frenchman had this to say about the state that wants to wipe Israel off the map: “In the region there is of course a country such as Iran — a great country, a great people and a great civilization which is respected and which plays a stabilizing role in the region.” Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, obviously pleased that his “stabilizing” ideas had found an appreciative audience, immediately reoffered his solution of the Middle East crisis — the destruction of Israel. “Unacceptable,” Mr. Douste-Blazy said. But then what? “Unacceptable” might be an appropriate adjective for lecturing your teenage son who just flunked his math test — but as condemnation of threatened policide?

    While Europe has no problem issuing disproportionate criticism of Israel’s actions, it hews to a different standard for Jerusalem’s mortal enemies. The idea that flattery might talk Iran or Hezbollah out of their raison d’être — the destruction of Israel — is criminally naïve. Such servility only serves to embolden them.

    The same goes for calls for an immediate cease-fire. It is particularly perplexing that the French would have pushed for this during negotiations for the United Nations Security Council draft resolution announced over the weekend. After all, Paris will likely lead an international force for South Lebanon after such a truce.

    The two positions seem mutually exclusive. If the French really want to send a robust force, one that would go after any Hezbollah cease-fire violations, they must have every interest in seeing the Israelis first finish the job to limit the risks to their own soldiers. This means either their calls for an immediate cease-fire were dishonest or the Israelis shouldn’t get their hopes up that the new troops, should they ever arrive, would be much different from the current U.N. forces, which only monitor Hezbollah attacks without stopping them.

    Above all, the EU tends to forget that this is not just Israel’s war. Iranian missiles, possibly soon tipped with nuclear warheads, can reach parts of the Continent. It’s in Europe’s vital own interests that the mullahs in Tehran and South Lebanon be defeated in this fight.

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    russ says:

    “the current bombing campaign, then, will probably be about as effective as the treaty of Versailles in terms of ridding the world of extremism…”

    Comment by tinabrewer — August 7, 2006 @ 12:23 pm

    If Mexican outlaws one day park rocket launchers in the suburbs of Tijuana and Juarez and start firing into San Diego and El Paso suburbs (while the Mexican government sits idly by), I think the parallels with WWI will leave most Americans cold.

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    nostrowski says:

    “the current bombing campaign, then, will probably be about as effective as the treaty of Versailles in terms of ridding the world of extremism…”

    Perhaps, Olmert and Nasrallah should sit down and have tea with Kofi Annan?

    Olmert: “Hassan, you must tell me who does your hair. Crumpet?”

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    Mats says:

    Still on the war, this is a parody of Reuter’s photoshop scandal.


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    tinabrewer says:

    russ: the fact is, no matter what the rights and wrongs on either side, there simply is not a finite number of militants which will conveniently cease to exist if they are crushed with sufficient force. On the contrary, the crushing of the weak by the strong has a very marked tendency to INcrease the kind of violent fanaticism which we are currently witnessing, and which the world has groaned under in the very recent past.

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    tinabrewer says:

    nostrowski: Is there anything, in your view, between tea and crumpets and a bombing campaign?

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    russ says:

    “russ: the fact is, no matter what the rights and wrongs on either side, there simply is not a finite number of militants which will conveniently cease to exist if they are crushed with sufficient force. On the contrary, the crushing of the weak by the strong has a very marked tendency to INcrease the kind of violent fanaticism which we are currently witnessing, and which the world has groaned under in the very recent past.”

    Comment by tinabrewer — August 7, 2006 @ 5:25 pm

    The (strong) Federal Government crushed the (weak) Klu Klux Klan here in the south. Did they do the right thing?

    We should judge others by their decency/indecency, not by their strength or weakness, even if it makes indecent onlookers angry at us. Conciliation and compromise are viewed by Islamists as weakness (OBL: “people follow a strong horse”), which is why Israeli concessions are always met with renewed violence.

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    Michaels7 says:

    Tina, what is Germany and Japan today? Sometimes war is the last solution upon which we must be prepared to fight. Its not one we want, but it is pushed upon us daily by tyrants just like Hitler did in the past.

    3000 people died in New York. Before that 243 Marines in Beruit on a PeaceKeeping Mission(not there to harm anyone) at the hands of Hezbollah. Before that 444 days of Hostage crisis in Iran. We failed to act then. No longer.

    There comes a point where you must recognize the leaders you are talking to do not care what you say, who you are, or how much you desire peace. They see us as weak appeasers in past confrontations where we backed down over and over again. They see us as lessor people, infidels without rights.

    The picture speaks a thousand words. Radical Islam and the fascist leaders are every bit as lunatic in their aspirations as Hitler and Mein Kampf. In fact, history and WWII, the Islamic Mufti of Jerusalem supported Hitler: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haj_Amin_Al-Husseini. This connection to Nazi worldviews is most important. To be fair, other Arabs chose the side of victory against Germany. But today Mein Kampf is a best seller in Turkey. Iran promoted Protocols of the Elders of Zion at one of the worlds largest BookFairs in Germany where over 280,000 publishers, writers gather each year. The President routinely denies the Holocaust. Their country routinely shows cartoons depicting Jews drinking the blood of children. They repeatedly teach and promote hatred of Christians, Jews and unbelievers. America is the great Satan.

    All of this should be alarming to Europe and America since we’ve fought this war before.

    This is indocrinated hatred by corrupt leaders who will not change and therefore this hatred will only multiply like a virus. We either stop the infection by removal of the cause of corrupt leadership, or it overtakes the world.

    Just ask India, London, Bali, Thailand, Phillipines, Madrid, Afghanistan, Russia, Bosnia and Argentina, Brazil, Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea and every other place in the world where radical Islamic nutjobs choose to enforce their worldview upon everyone else.

    Anyone of sound mind knows how crazy these actions are. But, they’re over the line of crazy, innocents are killed every day in the name of radical Islam.

    300,000 – Three Hundred Thousand dead innocent Sudanese black Africans at the hands of Radical Sharia Law enforced government backed by Arab Militia. This is genocide at its worst. Yet there are no protest by the Arab streets. Why not? Where is CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC? Are they showing you horrific images of the death and destruction in Sudan? No.

    Wake up.

    Before that 2.2 million Christians and Animist died at the hands of an Islamic Sharia government of Sudan.

    Where are the protest? Where were the media swarming to get the pictures?

    Our media is failing us. They are either blind or willfully ignoring reality and focusing their efforts in one area of the world. They treat these lunatics as if all sides are equal. Israel has endured almost 60 years of attacks, invasions, terrorist bombings and thousands of dead innocent women and children.

    You can only hold back for so long before you must retaliate. Israel unlike Hamas and Hezbollah allows 1 million Arabs to live amongst them who practice Islam. Israel unlike Hamas and Hezbollah does not intentionally murder innocents.

    “On the contrary, the crushing of the weak by the strong has a very marked tendency to INcrease the kind of violent fanaticism which we are currently witnessing, and which the world has groaned under in the very recent past.”

    Sorry, but you’re buying into a bunch of BS. We are not crushing the weak. We are and should crush their evil leaders as the criminals they truly are. This is war, war is ugly. It was never said it would be easy. In fact we were told it would be a long war against Terrorism and the Rogue countries who sponsor them.

    This is a leadership problem of corrupt tyrants engulfing their people in daily, hourly propaganda of hatred, ignorance and fear. It is precisely because we do not remove these leaders that the hate spreads.

    We cannot turn our backs and run. We cannot negotiate. We have tried it over and over again for decades since WWII.

    You are confusing use of brute force with being always wrong, or as us being the bully. When in fact it is we who are liberating millions for the first time. 50 million total. Do not be surprised however when corrupt leaders attempt to rise again. What we must do however is keep fighting on all fronts to enable and empower those who believe in freedom for all, not just Islam.

    In truth, we should remove the bully from the street so the people can see all points of view and not be preached hatred daily. You and I are not responsible for this hatred and neither is our government. It is their leaders who are responsible and will ultimately have to pay the price. They are every bit as crazy as Hitler, driven to conquer, and lunatic enough to murder any and all to get their ways.

    No, the bully has to long been preaching evil hatred to the street in the Middle East. We are going to remove the bully whether by peaceful means or by force.

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    jwrennie says:

    Very well said Michaels7

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    JGuy says:

    Does that particular form of salute historically have an anti-Jewish or anti-Christian origin or meaning? ..other than it’s use by the Nazi’s?

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    Mats says:

    There will be no peace in the Middle East until Islam is gone from there. That’s my totaly unbiased opinion about it.

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