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Expell-ees you might not have heard about

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They didn’t make it into the film. Caroline Crocker, author of Free to Think and currently executive director of AITSE (dedicated to rescuing science from the mudslide of “science”), reflected in her book on discovering that she was not alone, that the Expelled were quite numerous:

There is companionship in troubles, and the more public my case became the mor others experiencing the same type of persecution contacted me and shared their own stories. Over 800 intellectually honest colleagues admit to seeing flaws in the theory of evolution and as a result many have suffered attacks on their careers and reputations. I was told of Nancy Bryson, a chemistry professor at Mississippi State University, who nearly lost her job for teaching the evidence for and against neo-Darwinian evolution to honors students, despite the fact that universities are supposed to be places for open inquiry and academic freedom. The university decided against demoting her only after her story was made public. In comparison, the case of the immunologist who lost his job after 30 years of stellar research has not been made public, simply because he still hopes to secure another position. 

Since I was still writing graduate school recommendations for former students, I was also alerted to the case of Bryan Leonard, a graduate student denied the right to defend his doctoral dissertation simply because he committed the “crime” of teaching high school students scientific criticisms of evolutionary theory. (P. 181)

Well, of course it’s a crime. Just think how much social capital is tied up with spouting the endless iterations of Darwinism.

Question: What would happen to evolution studies if they were forced to rely on fact?

3 Replies to “Expell-ees you might not have heard about

  1. 1
    tsmith says:

    academic freedom = war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

  2. 2
    Barb says:

    Always remember that science is open-minded to new ideas. Or not.

  3. 3
    bornagain77 says:

    Being fair to people who oppose you or even to the scientific evidence itself is the absolute worst thing you can do when your ‘real’ goal is to indoctrinate instead of educate!!!

    Casey Luskin gives prime example here:

    Ken Miller’s Inaccurate and Biased Evolution Curriculum Intentionally Disregards Texas Science Standards – July 2011

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