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[off topic] John A. Davison

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Any of you that might be wondering what happened to John may get a glimpse of it at his new blog New Prescribed Evolution.


OK, I'll take the bait... DaviDson (yes, thats 2 D's - makes you real pissed, doesn't it old man, how do you like those warmed over apple turnovers with the white frosting on the top and the little burnt marks along the edges - oh I love it so!) makes all these accusations about his articles being removed and that anyone even asking the question will get banned. Can DaveScot or WmAD give any information as to why this was done.

You're SO banned for that! :razz: Just kidding. The reason should be obvious to any sane person. JAD was trashing Bill and I with gay abandon in any forum that will let him post (except ISCID Brainstorms which is the only respectable forum that will still have him and wonder of wonders ISCID happens to be founded and directed by Bill Dembski hisself). JAD initially got bent out of shape because I banned him here for foul language. He thought Bill ordered it but Bill did no such thing. Bill never mentioned JAD to me one way or another. It was my call. Anyhow, after a few weeks of JAD sounding off and complaining that he was banned at the blog that had his papers prominently displayed I thought "the heck with this, I'm not going to do any favors for a cur that bites the hand that feeds it" and I removed his papers. Davison inevitably becomes an embarrassment and liability to anyone that associates with him. That's why Dawkins, Mayr, Gould, the Discovery Institute, Wesley Elsberry, in short just about everyone, doesn't pay any attention to him. I have no class compared to those guys (well maybe not Elsberry he's pretty classless) so I can't resist rattling his chain from time to time. -ds

What a mess. Good grief. Barrett1
That's a pretty strange blog. tribune7
kathy said: "On a more practical note, I would love to see someone do a short course on critical thinking and how to recognize logical fallacies and ad hominem aruguments. *Big sigh*" Would you care to elaborate? dougmoran
Hi there, Can some one very quickly explain the hypotheses that semi-meiosis explains diversity ? I have tried to find out searching the net, but I don't really understand it. Thanks, bdelloid rotifer bdelloid
DaveScot, in light of the pissing match that you and John Davison had on ISCID, I am quite surprised at this post. bFast
This was my favorite comment::)
"Why in the hell don't you make more posts and fewer comments? Just log in to "blogger.com/start", you will see the "dashboard view". Click on the pretty green cross that says "make a new post". Fill in a title and a link to the article (or no link) and fire away.How are you so clueless? You are a professor, right? How did you make the first post HERE if you can't make more?"
On a more practical note, I would love to see someone do a short course on critical thinking and how to recognize logical fallacies and ad hominem aruguments. *Big sigh* kathy
DaveScot, what the hell did you do? :-) Although based on previous JD comments it could be that you said JD was only the second or third smartest man in the world, and that set him off and he went totally ballistic. Reading his blog was sad - talk about the "most likely to die alone and without any friends" award. Is there a more crochety, bitter old man in cyberspace? Someone needs to give ole John a hug. And yes, good point, we should be praising the Chi-coms for their methods of population control - sheesh!!! ajl
Well, one cannot deny there is some validity to JD's opinions on certain topics... jaredl
I'm going to guess that Davison started that blog off to be a DaveScot fanclub. Do a Control F with DaveScot as the search item and keep hitting enter. If I were DaveScot I don't know if I would be flattered, or scared. Because the last time someone used my name that much it was a jaded girlfriend, the next morning I had garbage all over my parent's front lawn (this was in high school). Doug
"I love it so!" Man, JD was an entertaining read. jaredl
Hmm, as if we hadn't had enough of social Darwinism (and evolutionary psychology) and enforcement through nondemocratic institutions. Related to this off topic is an interesting article over at AZURE (http://www.azure.org.il/), "The Spectacles of Isaiah Berlin," by Assaf Inbari. Rude

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