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O/T: Sky News live feed of attack in Paris


A terrorist attack in progress, Sky News live feed:

[youtube y60wDzZt8yg]

Heads up. END

Because of the traitor leaders determined to turn European countries into Islamic hell holes, then we can fear more of these evil acts. Jack Jones
Thanks daveS. Mung
I think some scientists need to be prosecuted for lying to us about the risks of Global Warming Driven Islamic Militancy. Andrew asauber
Islamists kill innocents virtually every day in various countries. I'm as sure as Evolution that our national leadership has these people contained. Andrew asauber
And this is what tolerance has gifted the world with. Intolerance. Andre
On a positive note: Shows of support for France from around the world. daveS
What the West should have done is after conquering Iraq, slap a one size fits all set of laws and constitution unto Iraq same as Afghanistan. There is / was, too much multi-cultural sensitivity in regards to Afghanistan and Iraq. Creationism is actually also central to democracy, because creationism is the underlaying philosophical support for freedom of opinion which is central to democracy. Creationism provides a philosophical validation of subjectivity, explaining it in terms of agency of decisions. I think it would make a difference in terms of peace, if you educated people in terms of that freedom is in fact real as a matter of physics, and that subjectivity is valid. Provide proper intellectual room for people's emotions, acknowledging their emotions, that's all important. mohammadnursyamsu
RB, are you aware that so far 7 of 8 attackers apparently used suicide belts . . . a likely cause of the scale of deaths at the concert hall so the mere prospect of death will be of little deterrent effect? ]Perhaps, to be shot with bullets dipped in pig grease and buried in winding sheets made of pigs skin MIGHT have some effect -- if the stories are true on the superstitions about that. Did Pershing really do that to the Moros?) Do you know of the 1982 Islamist 100 year world conquest plan [The Project], or the 1400 year history of aggression whenever there is enough power to impose it? That the first form of jihad, by bands of raiders, can be multiplied by the assassins suicide attack cult that was only wiped out in the middle ages when the Mongols erased it? That, that word comes to us because of the 200 year campaign by those fanatics, who pumped themselves up into a fanatical state with hashish, marijuana? That there is in the Holy Land Foundation discovery, a plan for settlement-jihad subjugation of the West? (That, the C5 collapse of the W Roman empire was triggered by waves of barbarian immigration that gradually turned into conquest as the Roman empire rotted from within until it was fatally weak and dependent on yesterday's barbarians to fight off today's? Indeed, the final overthrow 476 was by a German officer serving in the army such as it was? That, to the E, the geostrategic collapse was triggered by war to mutual exhaustion with Persia by 628, leading to the opening the first four Caliphs took, sweeping over Syria, Palestine and Egypt, the world's 3- continents corner and no 1 geostrategic hinge? Thence North Africa and Spain within 100 years. The 1982 plan timeline is no coincidence.) That the initial jihad expansion was stopped 150 miles from Paris, long before there were crusades or any involvement of people from NW Europe in the ME? That, in classic teaching backed up by the history of conquest of the Levant, Balkans and E Europe, North Africa, and India, the world is split into the house of submission and the house of war, with the perception that the final Caliph or Mahdi will subjugate the whole world? And much more? Let us realise that France and Spain constitute the first foremost case of a successful push back against the global jihad. We may not be interested in war, but war is very much interested in us. KF PS: Americans need to wake up to the global geostrategic responsibilities implicit in displacing the Royal Navy and British Empire as leading Oceanic power, in a 500 year old global age critically dependent on sea borne trade and ME oil. kairosfocus
Yes I do believe that Israel being created is part of biblical prophecy. I'm sure the French find comfort in those words. Mung
i don't follow these things much anymore. Its mirder plain ans simple. Execute the murderers France please. They won't. its crazy the things everyone gets into. Yet it starts with interference in the middle east. Right or wrong its from the stirring up of those nations by the Iraq etc wars. the motives of these terrorists are varied but it does still all start with establishing foreign people in thier world and land to make a Jewish state for no need at all except to be a people group with a boundary of their own. The natives are still not at peace with this and support for israel reaps troubles always. Who fired first on fort Sumpter? these things could be settled by moral repentance by the western world for planting israel and then repentance by the Muslim/Arab world for continued opposition in sediment and deed AFTER the original invaders and invaded have all died. The new generations have the new moral claims and lack of them. If not nobody could ever say any nations boundary is settled including our own(s). The present boundaries are legitimate because the new generations only live in them and only ever did. The Welsh cannot kick the anglo saxon out anymore. England is for the english and its settled in moral law. Same as israel despite a immoral invasion almost a century ago. Yet it would help to admit the original injustice. Yes I do believe that Israel being created is part of biblical prophecy. At last France shuts down the borders. Too late. Robert Byers
Well, the Western world is going to have a very hard time "waking up", seeing as we have been very busy lining up en masse for psychological lobotomies at the hands of the so-called intellectual elites, even to the point of denying that a man is a man and a woman is a woman and that there is even a difference. Just how much hope can we have that Western society will "wake up"? Anyone who dares to say they care had BETTER hope in miracles, because that's what it's going to take. Brent
Mapou, sadly, you may be right. In one theatre alone they are speaking of 100 dead.Reports of people shot one by one for ten minutes there. Sky is totting up up to 140 dead total. Reports suggest six attacks. No wonder the police assaulted so quickly. kairosfocus
France 24 Live News Feed [ED: it is in English] There is a war going on and it's going to get much worse IMO. The Western world needs to wake up. Mapou
Sad development in Paris, France. Reports of up to 60 dead -- condolences -- and maybe up to 100 hostages at a Theatre. kairosfocus

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