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Baylor’s Charles Garner on the current state of origin of life science

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Did life begin as a result of purely chemical processes, or is that view only a materialistic/naturalistic assumption? Discoveries in origin-of-life chemistry are announced in the popular scientific press on a regular basis. But these reports tend to be sensationalized and rarely if ever put in the perspective of the problem to be solved, which is the extreme complexity of even the simplest imaginable living cell.

This talk will present the current state of prebiotic chemistry in the context of the problem to be solved: what kinds of organic structures and what organizational processes would be necessary for a chemical origin of life to take place.

Pod. Oh, and just for fun, here’s what Darwin’s true believers in Texas think of Garner. Probably means he has something to say we should listen to.

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"Creationists who think [?] that scientists claim to have everything all figured out are very mistaken. ‘We really have no clue’ stated the lab analyst, thus proving creationism wrong again.” The only ones who seem to claim that science has everything all figured out are the authors of many textbooks used by our children in schools. Serious science researchers are too busy working hard on challenging projects trying to figure out how myriad biological mechanisms work and what they do. They have no time to squander on senseless OOL debates. If they have to officially express their support for the 'n-D e' ideas, just for the sake of not being bothered and keeping their jobs, they'll "agree" with the establishment and move on. But privately they humbly admit their agnosticism on the subject. Dionisio
Darwin was pretty spot on with his assessment that the Creator breathed life into a few forms way back when. These days we know most (all?) of the material pieces (nouns) but have a tough time understanding the breathing (verb) part. Einstein had problems understanding the Mind of God, so it should be expected that OOL Scientists have issues understanding the Breath of God. ppolish
Guy needs his job, SA at 1. News
The introduction doesn't sound very confident. I can only imagine what the conclusion is (I can't sit through the video so please correct me if I'm wrong): "In spite of these uncorrelated, atypical, anomalous, and apparently irreconcilable and impossible results, researchers are very confident that we are making progress. 'A full understanding of the origin of life seems to be just up ahead for us.' said one scientist. 'We've traveled a long way down the path, so the goal must be up there somewhere. Of course, we may have traveled farther away from the answer since we don't know if we're on the right path, but we've certainly learned something on this journey!", concluded the chief researcher. Creationists who think that scientists claim to have everything all figured out are very mistaken. 'We really have no clue' stated the lab analyst, thus proving creationism wrong again." Silver Asiatic

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