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Why some black people hate Darwinism – another one for the files

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We started having a closer look at this question after Floridian Jonatha Carr flew into a rage in an evolution class and started threatening her classmates. Over at Taki’s Mag(“Torch Mobs for Tolerance,”April 9, 2012), Jim Goad opines,

I think it’s preposterous to simultaneously claim to believe in evolution while insisting we all somehow wound up equal. As a believer that the evolutionary process is real and ongoing, I believe their [black Americans’] sub-Saharan ancestry may have lent them certain physical advantages and certain cognitive disadvantages.

Yoo hoo. If the standard account of human evolution is correct, we all have sub-Saharan ancestry. But let that pass for now. In this case, it’s the “thought‘ that counts (by the way, the whole piece is pretty offensively expressed – don’t say you weren’t warned).

In this case, the question isn’t what Darwin believed about race or what Darwinists used to believe, or whatever they believe today, but what the public understands them to believe. With the result that people who feel personally supportive believe and propagate those ideas. Jim Goad is a good example.

Incidentally, over the weekend, ID opponent John Derbyshire (he called Expelled “creationist porn”) got fired as a columnist at US conservative mag National Review because one of his posts at Taki’s was felt to cross the line in discussions about race. Some questioned the timing because Derbyshire had entertained such views for years, and he is currently fighting cancer.

We wish him well with the cancer battle. Every survivor gives dozens hope.

But, in general, the role popular Darwinism plays in popular racism must be confronted.

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I think it's more about being on guard against racist views seeping into any given ideology. When Europe began colonizing the Americas many blacks were caught and used as slaves. The church regarded this as acceptable, to put it mildly. Many debates often attack people who supported one side or the other as a strawman tactic. IE stating that hitler was christen or that Darwin didn't have a PhD are completely meaningless. Yet it's brought up so often~ Regless
So if I can produce a racist that believes in the bible,the bible is racist? velikovskys
It is so true that its impossible to see evolution as behind intelligence in biology and yet not conclude or come to as a option that human beings in originally very segregated groups might be intellectually inferior or superior. Any Sci fie flick I ever saw there was the presumption superior planets had evolved bigger brains. Then today the same types who love evolution also say all people have the same brain abilities. Then when authors put this in writing they fire them. I once read Nat review and they loved the bell curve and did not mine the ideas of racial inferiority from it. I saw nothing wrong with this guys article except if he says there is biological differences between intelligence. Anyways its not important and firing someone about these things is evil. NR has been evil for a long time now. It would be funny if evolution is finally destroyed by the racial jazz of the left. lIke in the H.G wells martian invasion story. Finally it was germs that got them. Darwin insisted women were biologically intellectually inferior. Today it seems like they would never hire him for any high post in biology cause of this opinion. Yet he would insist he used the same quality of research for that as for the TOE stuff!! Robert Byers

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