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From Creation-Evolution Headlines: Resurrected protein explains life?


“Resurrected protein’s clue to origins of life,” writes Simon Redfern at the BBC News about an experimental “resurrection” of a presumably ancient protein. Spanish and US scientists theorized that thioredoxin, an important protein that “has a number of metabolic functions in cells” and can tolerate heat up to 110 ̊C, was essential to the first life. Using genetic comparisons, they “resurrected” the presumed original, ancient form of the gene, had a bacterium build it into protein, and tested its properties. They speculate that this protein arose around 4 billion years ago, helping the first life get established on a “hellish” earth coming out of the presumed “Late Heavy Bombardment” of meteor strikes.

Tia Ghose at Live Science also preached the resurrection, adding a little background to the secular mystery religion: More.

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