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GM crops data, cited by Italian lawmakers, manipulated?

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What’s hot? What’s not?/Niklas Bildhauer, Wikimedia

From Nature:

Work that describes harm from crops was cited in Italian Senate hearing.

The papers’ findings run counter to those of numerous safety tests carried out by food and drug agencies around the world, which indicate that there are no dangers associated with eating GM food. But the work has been widely cited on anti-GM websites — and results of the experiments that the papers describe were referenced in an Italian Senate hearing last July on whether the country should allow cultivation of safety-approved GM crops.

Cattaneo noted what looked like problems in all three papers: sections of images of electrophoresis gels appeared to have been obliterated, and some of the images in different papers appeared to be identical but with captions describing different experiments. More.

Read it and bleep.

This stuff isn’t harmless. Bad science drives out good, the way bad money drives out good.

See also: Ars technica editor: Quit throwing money at glam science. Part of the boom in science-gone-wrong (retractions, etc.) may be fuelled by the desperation that boom and bust cycles creates.

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