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Oh joy! 80+% of Chinese pharma data fabricated

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From Fiona Macdonald at ScienceAlert:

A Chinese government investigation has revealed that more than 80 percent of the data used in clinical trials of new pharmaceutical drugs have been “fabricated”.

The report uncovered fraudulent behaviour at almost every level, and showed that some pharmaceutical companies had hidden or deleted records of potentially adverse side effects, and tampered with data that didn’t meet their desired outcomes.More.

Odd way of putting things:

As damning as this problem is for China’s scientists, they aren’t the only ones that are under more and more pressure to publish positive and “groundbreaking” results in order to keep their jobs.

A study published earlier this month revealed that the enormous pressure on academics is acting like a form of natural selection, and evolving science into something “shoddy and unreliable”.

We thought we were the only people who knew that natural selection, left to itself, simply degrades life forms and their output. Funny how, when not tasked with defending Darwinism, people feel free to just admit that…

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3 Replies to “Oh joy! 80+% of Chinese pharma data fabricated

  1. 1
    Dionisio says:

    The report uncovered fraudulent behaviour at almost every level

    Duh! What else is new?

    We were made to be good (Imago Dei), but unfortunately from the start of human history we selfishly chose our own ways. No rights to complain now. Too late. Whole world self-destined to the bottom of the abyss.
    There’s only one Way out of that. It’s been graciously offered by our amazing Creator.
    We either choose Sinatra’s song “my way” as our hymn, or humbly and eternally thankful we follow the true Way, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures.

  2. 2

    I would say shame on them, but there no such a thing as shame in our modern world of moral relativism. Getting caught lying is simply the risk one takes to get ahead. No big deal in the whole scheme of things.

    But you watch, in a blatant show of hypocrisy (and stupidity), moral relativists will judge these Chinese scientists as if they did something objectively wrong.

  3. 3

    natural selection makes science “shoddy and unreliable”


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