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Peer review: A magic formula for turning gold into tin


Which, apparently, can’t be reversed.

David Klinghoffer gets this right at Evolution News & Views:

The existence of a blog like Retraction Watch is, in this respect, a sign of the times, a measure of the extent to which science publishing has fallen into derision. Their post from a couple of days ago, on a “peer review and citation ring at the Journal of Vibration and Control,” has been widely reported, including the retraction of 60 papers from that journal. Sixty!

“This one deserves a ‘wow,'” observes author Ivan Oransky. Indeed. The cat is really out of the bag.

The cat is in witness protection at the Ottawa Humane Society. Lots of scientists should be in the doghouse.

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I blame Sputnik. In the paranoid reaction to which, the free world ever since has been lassoing far too many people into "the sciences." People who are actually much better suited to careers as hamburger restaurant managers or flea market table proprietors. jstanley01

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