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Nature (journal) goes to Tackytown for Christmas

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Christmas carols with “science” lyrics:

[30:52 Hark! It’s Hayabusa2: The last of this year’s songs is an ode to a lander that touched down on an asteroid millions of miles away from Earth. Scroll to the transcript section below for the lyrics.podcast with Benjamin Thompson and Ali Jennings, “Podcast: Quantum physics adds a twist and festive fun” at Natureem>

When some of us were young, mischievous teens and nerdy grad students used to do this at Hallowe’en. We didn’t think the fad would end up finding a home but, who can tell?

Meanwhile, Messiah Oratorio:

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2 Replies to “Nature (journal) goes to Tackytown for Christmas

  1. 1
    johnnyb says:

    But we *promise* we’re not trying to promote a secular religion. It’s all just science.

  2. 2
    bsleik says:

    Had a good laugh at the comment after the choir sang – “Girls’ choir at the Simon Langton Boys School”…

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