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Remember when red wine was heart healthy?

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From CBS News:

HARTFORD, Conn. – A University of Connecticut researcher known for his work on the benefits of red wine to heart health falsified his data in more than 100 instances, and nearly a dozen scientific journals are being warned of the potential problems after publishing his studies in recent years, officials said Wednesday.

UConn officials said their internal review found 145 instances over seven years in which Dr. Dipak Das fabricated and falsified data, and the U.S. Office of Research Integrity has launched an independent investigation of his work.

Is nothing sacred?

Eleven scientific research journals that have published Das’ work are being notified of the problems, which came to light after a three-year review sparked by an anonymous complaint in 2008 of potential irregularities in his research.

A friend writes to grieve that he can no longer deduct fine old red wines as a medical expense. How distressing for the good life…

Yes, it’s true, we did want peer review to finally start earning its keep. But why start with the wine cellar?

Next, they will be claiming that chocolate pretzels do not reverse the aging process.

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mahuna @ 6 - no, the article linked to was written in 2012. Bob O'H
rhampton7, Congratulations! I'm also at a healthy level now thanks to lots of exercise and adjustments to my diet. daveS
The question was raised in 2008, and the inquiry was completed in 2015??? Does this even qualify as "review"? How can an article be accepted for publication 10 times faster than it takes to confirm questions about the accuracy of the content of the piece? Does "publish or perish" also apply to the editors who need to corral a set of articles for their next issue? mahuna
I don't drink, and I'm one of those a low HDL people, but after three continuous years of thrice a week exercise, it's finally up in the normal range. I also stopped eating red meat and dairy products three years ago to avoid C-reactive protein, and its associated inflammation. rhampton7
tjguy, Yes, there are multiple independent studies going back decades that support this, and the mechanism is understood, IIRC. daveS
"However, I believe it’s still well-established that wine/alcohol can boost your HDL cholesterol level, which can be helpful to those of us with HDL on the low side."
How can you be so sure? Maybe this one has multiple studies backing it up. If so, that would be more trustworthy, but these days you just don't know what to believe anymore, even if a scientist claims his research supports a particular thing. You simply have to take him at his word. tjguy
That's too bad. However, I believe it's still well-established that wine/alcohol can boost your HDL cholesterol level, which can be helpful to those of us with HDL on the low side. daveS
You gotta love wine but it was always against common sense that a liquid could aid the heart. The bible says take wine for stomach ails and to forget things unpleasant. wine interferes with the triggering mechanism for the memory and so is often welcome. Robert Byers

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