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Should Frontiers journals be added to questionable publishers list?

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From Nature:

Beall told Nature that he stands by his decision and that he has received dozens of e-mails from the scientific community outlining bad practices at Frontiers.

Beall names some controversies that he says helped raise concerns about the Frontiers journals. These include a Frontiers in Psychology paper suggesting that conspiracy theorists do not believe in climate change and a Frontiers in Public Health paper raising questions about the link between HIV and AIDS. Both ignited Internet firestorms on publication. More.

Real concerns? Backlash against open access publishing? Floor’s open.

Re conspiracy theorists: It’s what they do believe in that—one would think—would be of more interest.

Is there a friving spirit of thought and speech control in North America? YES! it could only be that mags are under the same establishment etc pressure. its a conspiracy to control conclusions of mankind. Same as yesterday. Once again we must invoke, John Locke, that truth and justice are the right of man and we only give our consent to authority that submitts to these ideas and others. otherwise contract is broken and our freedom is completly full once more. if we give up our freedom then its based on a contracxt. Freedom of speech is a right to ensure truth and justice. why are they trying again to rule us? The market will take care of ideas. Robert Byers

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