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Why university might really be a waste of time


Our physics colour commentator wrote recently to advise us of the deprofessionalization of academy

From Rob Sheldon, noting an article at Quillette:

Over twelve years, I have watched with increasing dismay and incredulity as academic integrity, fairness, and intellectual rigor have been eroded, with the implicit endorsement of administration and faculty alike. I have witnessed the de-professionalization of the professoriate—hiring policies based on tokenized identity politics and cronyism, the increasing intellectual and ideological conformity expected from faculty and students, and the subsequent curtailment of academic freedom.

Just to be clear, most of my faculty colleagues are well-educated, bright, and dedicated teachers. Some are also worthy scholars or creative authors. Yet, in addition to cronyism, the program’s hiring practices have been significantly compromised, especially as a result of the premium that the university has recently placed on “diversity.” More.

Sheldon thinks this is a very serious academic issue. Of course it is, if you think academics is about ideas rather than about forcing working stiffs to pay taxes to listen to you holler.

But the real discussion the one that is only now getting started, is: How do we get past the university? How do we arrive at a system that rewards actual achievement rather than filling in blanks?

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I partially agree with Sheldon, but where do people get the knowledge? A year ago I traveled to Europe and met a group of Ukrainian students.They said that they were unhappy with the level of education in their country. I heard a lot and changed my point of view. Cristy D. http://legitwritings.com/ cristyd
This has been growing for many decades. The ultimate problem is that the modern university has no purpose. Except for medicine and engineering, a degree doesn't prepare you to do anything. It's just a credential that employers have learned to require because they aren't ALLOWED to classify people by any other standard. As the U goes terminally crazy, more and more sane parents and students are skipping it entirely, and employers are learning that they can do better with other screening methods despite the risk of diversity lawsuits. Student population is dropping, and budgets are dropping in sync. At some point each U, except for the high-prestige giants with multibillion endowments, will reach a critical failure point. The problem will solve itself, and the few remaining Ivy League universities will return to their original job of keeping aristocrats occupied. polistra

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