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AM-Nat Biology Abstracts Due October 28th


Just a reminder to those wanting to present at the AM-Nat (Alternatives to Methodological Naturalism) Biology conference, abstracts are due October 28th.

Details here.

The conference is November 19th. You can register to attend here. The conference is being held online, so you can present or attend from anywhere in the world – all you need is a reliable Internet connection. In the previous AM-Nat conference, we had attendees and presenters from throughout the U.S., from Spain, from Finland, and from Israel.

If you need topic suggestions, here are some relevant topic areas (but feel free to branch outside of these):

  • The importance of information to evolution
  • Ecology and design
  • The source(s) of organismal form
  • Indeterminacy in biological systems
  • Applications of the inference from system-level functional necessity (see Paul Nelson’s talk for information on the subject)
  • Metaphysical assumptions of phylogenetic tree-building
  • Vitalism in biology (either yay or nay)
  • Metaphysical status(es) of life

We may also accept a few purely philosophical papers dealing with naturalism in general, though we feel we dealt with that fairly thoroughly in the first conference. Also, this conference is not restricted to those agreeing with the idea that naturalism needs an alternative. If you would like to show why naturalism is the best approach, that is also an acceptable approach to conference topics.


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