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At The Conversation: Have humans evolved beyond nature?


An Oxford biologist ponders the question high tech inevitably poses: and offers many stabs at answers, ending with:

The fact that chemicals can arise from the austere confines of an ancient molecular soup, and through the cold laws of evolution, combine into organisms that care for other lifeforms (that is, other bags of chemicals) is the true miracle.

Some ancients believed that God made us in “his image”. Perhaps they were right in a sense, as empathy and love are truly godlike features, at least among the benevolent gods.

Cherish those traits and use them now, Poppy, as they hold the solution to our ethical dilemma. It is those very attributes that should compel us to improve the wellbeing of our fellow humans without lowering the condition of what surrounds us.

Anything less will pervert (our) nature.

Manuel Berdoy, “Have humans evolved beyond nature – and do we even need it?” at The Conversation

Sorry, Manuel. Evolutionary psychologists have “seen through” empathy, etc. It is all just a way to spread our selfish genes. If there is no Out There out there, there is no reason to prefer one morality over another except as a personal preference or political calculation.

At ground level: You would prefer not to be eaten but the bear would prefer to eat you. Good luck converting him. If naturalism is true and really catches on, good luck converting anyone, even Poppy. On the other hand, try the question again.

See also: “The evolutionary psychologist knows why you vote — and shop, and tip at restaurants”

- How can anything 'evolve beyond Nature' if you think ONLY NATURE exists? - How can you 'escape Nature'? Makes ZERO SENSE. Truthfreedom
"through the cold laws of evolution ... the true miracle". So which is it, evolution or a miracle? And what are those "cold laws" anyway? Actually, for evolution to work according to Neo-Darwinism, would require a lengthy series of statistical and probabilistic miracles. Fasteddious
Darwinists have been told it's too complicated for them to really understand evolution, but some really smart people do understand. That's good enough for them. If really smart people tell them something is true, then it must be so. If they actually look at the lack of evidence in an honest light, they would realize just how wrong those really smart people are. BobRyan
"The notion that evolution has a goal/purpose is a widespread misconception that comes in several variations. Many people falsely believe that evolution was working towards humans as a final product. But from a biological perspective there is really no reason to single out the human species specifically".
https://crucialconsiderations.org/science-and-philosophy/evolution/why-evolution-has-no-goal/ From a *biological perspective*, there is really no reason to single out ANY species specifically. A bunch of fermions and bosons got bored and started to 'evolve'. Yeah! Thanks atheist evolutionists for your non-contribution to human knowledge and progress. And they ask why intelligent people laugh at their pet theory :) Truthfreedom
It is all just a way to spread our selfish genes.
Our evolutionist friends are really a mess. They don't even understand their silly theory. In 'Nature', nothing has neither 'negative' nor 'positive' qualities. Not even survival is a "goal" (positive outcome). There are neither 'selfishnes' nor 'seflessness'. All those things are the projections of our minds. We humans are very 'imaginative' creatures. "Things happen, dude" is the naturalist "explanation" for everything. What a waste of talent. Truthfreedom

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