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Design Contest with Cash Prize


The Alternatives to Methodological Naturalism conference is doing a design contest with a cash prize.

Thanks to a grant from the Center for Evolutionary Informatics, the Alternatives to Methodological Naturalism conference is upgrading its look, and is looking to the community for help.

The contest is being run through 99designs, and there is a significant cash prize for the best logo. For anyone who has design skills that wants to participate, go here.

For the conference itself, registration is at am-nat.org.

I must add that religious change would be like going back in time to before the 15'th century, when science and religion were doing fine together. Some would say it was the golden age of Christianity. Goths were obsessed by experimenting with the engineering needed to build giant cathedrals from dimensions they extrapolated from the Bible. With land becoming scarce and buildings currently the height of skyscrapers the similar (search for our creator) challenge right now is in figuring out the overwhelming amount of data that the modern machines of science are now generating. Any of us can simply download and start working on it. One of the goals would be to reconstruct Chromosomal Adam and Eve. I am relatively certain that was our Adam and Eve moment from a rather miraculous it happened chromosome territory change from a fusion of two non-chimp ancestral chromosomes. In either case figuring out what the couple looked like and their behavior would be a scientifically astounding event. And religious fun too, for Muslims and other religions of the world. The best sense of what it looks like in artistic culture is from the earlier linked to Eurythmics "Missionary Man" video, where as did Adam he takes a bite of an apple before throwing it into the snake patrolled scientific apparatus in which (a sort of Missionary Woman) Eve is being (re)created. In my opinion Methodist Missionaries and others will love the new image, from also being a part of where science is at these days. What a theory and hypothesis is is kept Dinosaur Train simple. The wrong and misleading "layman's definition" and it's endless confusion will save us tons of time. One more thing in addition to methodical naturalism to not need to argue over anymore. In the process of moving along like this a path is cleared through the science jungle maze, where we can see that we are making progress towards where we all want to go. Even Atheists like Larry should find that way more fun than ID never going anywhere. Enjoy it's new scenery. All indications are that the Anti-ID forces will at a moments notice pounce upon those not practicing what they're preaching, especially concerning methodical naturalism. After getting rid of "supernatural" there can be no "supernaturalism" anymore. That becomes another thing to endlessly argue over that is made gone, which further greatly simplifies the ID movements conquering of science. It's then down to computer models and theory that from there forever keeps the search for our creator alive in science, where something either exists or it does not. In that case there is no middle realm that like half exists. It's an all or nothing thing where those who believe in something worth revering existing just say they believe such a thing exist, as opposed to having to say they believe such a thing is supernatural. Religion changes, but it's a stepping back from something yucky it stepped into that was not easy to get off. If all goes well ahead then what ID is right now is no longer an issue. In fact my Connecticut School of Broadcasting lessons combined with my science fun radio broadcasting experience taught me that what makes for the greatest epic of them all is a bunch of seemingly "crazy people" getting a hold of something like a radio station, and better yet (for someone like myself and others in this forum) science! Having a weird story behind a theory is in science expected. It's thus: Bravo anyway! GaryGaulin
Using Google I searched for information on "God is outside the realm of science’s competence". The results helped show that the belief in God being outside the realm of science is from "naturalism" having made its way into how religion is taught. My recollection of all I learned in Bible study class indicates that the scriptural message is the opposite and encourages seeking knowledge of God, truth. The Quran is the same way. I also found this: http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Supernatural
The term "supernatural" itself did not come to be used until the 15th century and means, when translated literally from the Latin roots, "above nature."
The roots of "methodical naturalism" go way deeper than you may realize. The most changed by removing it should be religion, science already has ways to eliminate experimenter bias and such. The words "supernatural" and "natural" are not needed. And since it does not help for my models and theory to be automatically ruled out of science by a religious philosophy I have to hope all the best in living without methodological naturalism and that you truly make it gone, from everywhere that it is. GaryGaulin
If I believe that supernatural happens, then am I practising methodological naturalism?
If you believe that you were created by a supernatural entity then methodological naturalism automatically rules your supernatural opinion out of science. Without methodological naturalism in the picture the ID movement is responsible for providing the testable "scientific theory" for "intelligent cause" that has been claimed to exist, but does not. It's then no longer a scientific issue, it's a consumer/corporate fraud issue. The only way to do without methodological naturalism is to believe as I do. Otherwise you're either way still out of bounds of science. GaryGaulin
GaryGaulin, "I am saying that the only way to do without Methodological Naturalism is to completely stop believing that God is “supernatural”. Gary, sometimes your position puzzles me. If I believe that supernatural happens, then am I practising methodological naturalism? As soon as one's hypothesis, one's explanation for an event is "supernatural happened", one steps out of the methodological naturalism framework, no? bFast
does consciousness, and specifically a conscious interaction with the environment line up with Methodological Naturalism? I don't think so....Mike Turner (EAM fame) didn't think so either.....man, I wish I knew what happened to him...anyone know?....I thought he was an incredible genius....I'm missing his input something fierce. tommy hall
I am saying that the only way to do without Methodological Naturalism is to completely stop believing that God is "supernatural". I do not see that happening. It's too convenient of an excuse for getting out of having to follow up with their own science work. They can more easily just complain about the work of others. GaryGaulin
GaryGaulin - I am not exactly sure what you are referring to. The alternatives to methodological naturalism conference has very little to do with creation, although I think there may be a submission along those lines. johnnyb
It's not going to be easy for some to do without the belief that our creator is "supernatural" hence "beyond science". I expect that most in the ID movement will still remain loyal to Methodological Naturalism. But good luck anyway. GaryGaulin

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