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Did the dying Stephen Hawking strengthen the case for God by reintroducing fine-tuning?

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In his final paper, with Hertog, scaling back the multiverse? From Philip Goff at the Guardian:

But if all of the universes have exactly the same laws – as in Hawking and Hertog’s proposal – the problem returns, as we now need an explanation of why the single set of laws that govern the entire multiverse is fine-tuned.

Hertog seems not to agree, arguing that the paper does make progress on fine-tuning: “This paper takes one step towards explaining that mysterious fine-tuning … It reduces the multiverse down to a more manageable set of universes which all look alike.” However, this merely puts off the explanation of fine-tuning, for the result is that the laws underlying the generation of the multiverse are fine-tuned. We now need to explain not only why our universe is fine-tuned but why every universe is fine-tuned! In terms of explaining the fine-tuning, this is not a step forward but a step back. More.

Goff wants a “scientific account of fine-tuning.” What if the scientific account is that there is some sort of intelligence inherit in or beyond the universe? Then we must choose between “science” and reality.

Rejection of multiverse thinking may strengthen the case for God by default. But the enthronement of evidence-free irrationality that multiverse theory embodies is not evidence for God as such. It would, however, cause careful thinkers to reconsider all alternatives.

The problem with multiverse theory is not that there might not be other universes but that they are wished into existence in order to avoid the implications of the fine-tuning of our universe. Then comes the war on falsifiability

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If this universe is the best of possible worlds, how does the Designer know this? One possibility is for alternative universes to be considered in the mind of the Designer. Perhaps the multiverse only exist within a mind. Only one universe was breathed to life. Human engineers examine multiple design alternatives choosing the one that is optimal within a given set of constraints. dgw
Perhaps we all, including the most brilliant scientists, don't like to admit our unwillingness to be open-minded when looking at everything around and within us. Christianity is a crutch for people who can't make it on their own. PaoloV

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