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Following the science seen as “impossible and stupid”


The COVID crazy should be seen as a wakeup call:

During the pandemic, Germany closed schools on a wider scale and for a longer duration than most other places in the civilised world. I was recently reminded of how our government came to embrace these extreme policies. The story is very revealing:

It began with the strange decision of state media to elevate Christian Drosten at Berlin Charité to national prominence, by granting him the Coronavirus Update podcast on 26 February 2020. The WHO had just endorsed lockdowns two days before, and various countries were acquiring new Corona tsars – random virus wizards who would become the face of containment policy to panicking domestic audiences. Every day, Drosten’s banal podcast interviews were reported breathlessly across the German media, as if they meant anything.

Eugyippus, “Following the Science is Impossible and Stupid” at Eugyippus: A plague chronicle (April 30, 2022)

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JVL mentions someone making a bet over COVID. Wasn't it something about number of deaths not exceeding 60,000 or something? Fred Hickson
JVL, I don't want you getting blocked by some silly web-related bug or whatever it is. Web software in general is a mess, so it is all too common for websites, even heavily used ones, to suffer unexplainable random errors like that. Happens to me all the time at other sites. I couldn't post here for around 6 weeks one time... Hope clearing the browser cache etc. helps. EDTA
Suggestion, clear your browser and its stored state. Maybe, do a restart. kairosfocus
Oh well, guess what! I've been once again banned from commenting on a thread! And, guess what, no one has a clue as to how that happens. It's like many of the mainstays of this site just don't care to find out why this is happening. Could it be because they agree with it? If they don't they why don't they check it out? A fair question, surely. Uncommon Descent either supports or does not support censorship of some kind. Which is it? Why can't they figure out why some people are temporarily or permanently denied the ability to comment on some threads? JVL
Let's just be clear: stopping an infected person from contacting a non-infected person will help stop the spread of the virus. It doesn't mean that everyone won't eventually get exposed but it does mean slowing down the rate of exposure so that the medical facilities can deal with the cases. This has nothing to do with treatments or masks: preventing exposure slows down the spread of the virus. And that helps the medical organisations deal with the spread of the disease: slower is better. JVL
May I also just point out that some on this site predicted that COVID-19 was no big thing and that there was no necessity to treat it any differently from seasonal flu. And may I direct them to the site mentioned above where it's easy to see that the US has been 'credited' with the most COVID related deaths of any country (admittedly there are a lot of differences between how deaths are recorded) with well over 1 million and a death rate comparable to that of Brazil at over 3000 per 1 million population. Where I live, in the UK, after lots and lots of draconian lock-downs we have a death rate of 2500 or so per 1 million. Germany's rate was about 1600 per 1 million, a lot less than the US. Australia, which had some of the strictest lockdowns on the planet had a death rate of . . . wait for it . . . 281 per 1 million people. I don't know about you but I think saving peoples' lives is something worth pursuing. JVL
Barry Arrington: It turns out that all of the experts demanding draconian lockdowns were flat out wrong. The lockdowns had a negligible effect on the fatality rate, and — get this Sev — the county with the lightest touch (Sweden) had the best results. Not true actually. Go to https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/, scroll down to the breakdown by country, click on the Death/1m pop column, it will switch from descending to ascending. It's quite easy to see that Sweden's COVID-19 death rate was much, much worse than that of New Zealand which imposed very strict lockdowns. In fact many European countries had better death rates than Sweden. So did Canada. JVL
I know this isn’t scientific but does the virus prefer to infect certain politicians. https://twitter.com/ITGuy1959/status/1520419601632448516 Is it a badge of honor to get C19 while being vaccinated and boosted? jerry
Seversky: Defending Dysfunction in Science and Culture Since 1935. Andrew asauber
Seversky makes the breathtakingly insipid claim that we have a binary choice: either follow "experts" demanding lockdowns or go back to the black death. Fortunately, we have a remedy for such as he. it's called "data." It turns out that all of the experts demanding draconian lockdowns were flat out wrong. The lockdowns had a negligible effect on the fatality rate, and -- get this Sev -- the county with the lightest touch (Sweden) had the best results. Barry Arrington
Seversky is 100% wrong again. How does he do it? It’s really difficult being that consistent. Aside: Germany was middle of the pack in terms of deaths and middle of the pack in terms of economic deterioration. No special advantage. jerry
Sounds like Eugyippus yearns for the good ol' days of the Black Death when there was none of that fancy medical science and technology, no drugs or vaccines to confuse folk. It was a textbook case of "let 'er rip" because there was nothing else they could do. So what if it killed between 30-60% of the population of the entire continent? Antivaxxers don't care about that just as long as they can be rugged, trucking individualists who ain't going to allow no one to tell them to wear masks if they don't want to and try to stop them spreading a plague to others if that's what they want because, dagnabbit, that's their right! Seversky

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