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Four models of science and religion


From J. R. Miller at More Than Cake:

Is religion the enemy of science? Is science the only reliable source of knowledge about the origins of the universe and human life? In this video Dr. Miller looks at Ian Barbour’s four models which explore the relationship between science and faith. Dr. Miller shows how each model offers a different answer to these important questions.

00:58 – Conflict Model

05:00 – Independence Model

08:50 – Dialogue Model

11:44 – Integration Model

Is there a 5th model. One truth. If there were two religions, then one is wrong in something. Of course both could be wrong in something. But we have thousands. Could one be right? Could all be wrong? There are obviously thousands of different sciences too. Are they all wrong? What are they correct on? Science and religion obviously address different aspects of reality but one uses the other to justify itself. That is religion which looks to science to verify some of its theses. For example, is there a creator? Science sure looks like that its findings indicate this is likely. This discussion will go nowhere since each area is so politicized to their own belief system (thousand of religions vs there is no God) to always exclude the other in some things. It will be interesting to see if this thread dies or how it is hijacked. One thing I can assert with absolute certainty is that there is a 100% chance of rain today where I live. jerry
The independence model is obviously the correct model, because fact and personal opinion (like opinion on beauty) are really distinct. But the indpendence model as presented is underdeveloped. The spiritual and subjective chooses what material and objective things come to be. So it is a unified reality, consisting of a subjective and an objective part. Where in the video it is presented as like that the subjective and spiritual only exists in the human brain, instead of the subjective and spiritual acting in the universe at large, choosing the way everything turns out. mohammadnursyamsu

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