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How to promote radical skepticism

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Philosopher Tim McGrew offers this method, in case anyone should need it:

Modern historians who believe that Abraham Lincoln was President might acknowledge that, when it comes to their office mates Bob and George, Tom and William, Peter and Arthur, Mary and Amanda, they don’t believe that any of these people is or ever was President. We are all President-disbelievers about most people. Some of us just go one President further.”

I like Dr McGrew's approach. I gave the response I use when someone brings up the Stephen Foster quote. bevets
bevets, it sounds as though you didn't notice the coffee logo ... ;) News
2+2 is not '7', it is not '64.02', it is not 'yellow'. I contend that we are both absurdists. I just believe in one less answer than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible answers, you will understand why I dismiss yours bevets

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