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In a world with no truth, fake news can somehow be false anyway


The Babylon Bee | Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire. From the Babylon Bee:

One Oregon man, who rejects the idea that humanity can even be sure the universe exists in any meaningful sense, was nonetheless disturbed by the idea that websites could publish completely false information, for anyone in the world to read.

“It’s just absolutely wrong, in my opinion,” said the man who doesn’t believe in absolute ideals of right and wrong at all. “What if someone reads the information and gets like, deceived? That just seems totally wicked.” More.

Probably, the fabled Oregonian thinks that all news of which he disapproves is—for that very reason—fake. It makes sense. He feels he should have the power to shape the world or else command that news which he disapproves at least be silent. What follows is just politics in pursuit of the goal.

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What can we do about fake news that would not diminish real news? Critics of ‘fake news’ should go to China — only the government has the right to post fake news.


Extra! Extra! A handy guide to the normal fake news: Surviving information overload

In this case, there seems little doubt that the intended reader was supposed to "get it." PASS. News
Re 2: Nope, not that easy. Lots of purposeful fake news sites provide themselves plausible denial ability by calling what the do "satire" or "parody". Unfortunately, so many people are gullibly enclosed in their own ideology bubble that they buy the "parody" as truth. It's a very sad part of the "fake news" syndrome. See Sen, Flake's speech yesterday. jdk
The intended reader is supposed to “get it.”
Woah... daveS
No, DaveS at 1. Parody is not fake news. The intended reader is supposed to "get it." News
Eh? I take it this is a fictional story? Literally "fake news", in other words? daveS

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