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Naturalism and Its Alternatives – Amazon Hot New Release


While these statistics get recompiled continually, I was pleased to wake up this morning and find that our new book, Naturalism and Its Alternatives in Scientific Methodologies is currently the #1 Hot New Release in the Scientific Research category, the #2 Hot New Release in epistemology, and the #1 Hot New Release in Psychology research.

If you would like to help us move the conversation forward, I encourage you to:

  • Request this book from your local public library. Most public libraries allow patrons to request books for their collection. Alternatively, you can see if there is a way to donate a book to your library’s collection.
  • Request this book from your academic library. If you are a part of an academic institution, request that your library carry this book.
  • Use this book in your classes. This would be an excellent add-on book for any class in epistemology or philosophy of science. Several chapters are also good for courses in philosophy of mind, metaphysics, and the history of science.

Let people know about this book. I really believe that we have made a book that truly moves the conversation forward. You might love it or hate it, perhaps we are paragons of what not to do, but in any case I think that the information and approach of the book are unique, and will hopefully spark a number of movements in a similar direction.

I read the info and preview at Amazon and it seems to be a very interesting book. Congratulations! William J Murray
First of all, congratulations. I hope it's successful! Second - I probably should read it because I think I disagree with the thesis. :-) The key for me is the third part on non-naturalistic research in science. That is a very innovative proposal and I would like to see how you handled it. Silver Asiatic
Congratulations!! Upright BiPed

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