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Podcast: Michael Denton on paradigm shifts he’s witnessed in science

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Physician and researcher Michael Denton is author of Evolution: A theory in crisis (which he has often said should have been called “Darwinism: A theory in crisis,” but publishers, hey…), and Nature’s Destiny: How the Laws of Biology Reveal Purpose in the Universe .


On this episode of ID the Future, Casey sits down with Senior Fellow Dr. Michael Denton for a discussion of paradigm shifts in science. Dr. Denton reflects on paradigm shifts that he’s witnessed in his lifetime and how his own thinking has changed over the years, and also looks at how these shifts challenge Darwinian evolution in new ways.

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Excellent, pp ! Very funny post. I think you may now be ready to learn that evolution is just a story. Oh, but I'm sure you'll have known that since you learnt of Santa's fall from grace. Axel
I remember having my young paradigm shifted after news coverage of Penzias and Wilson discovery of cosmic microwave radiation 1965 and all the Big Bang talk. I believed in Santa back then. I mean the "modern" Santa. My paradigm shifted there also - now I only believe in the historical one Saint Nicolas;) ppolish
Another paradigm shift, I think, in geology is how megafloods instantly created the landscape for great swarths of northern earth. Drumlins and many bedrock creations were not made by slow processes but by fast ones and so new mechanisms have to be figured out or expanded on. Einstein said Newtons mechanical idea of reality was replaced by his and others ideas. likewise I think we can say that the mechanical idea of biology being just cells in a bunch is being replaced by iD thinkers . They are seeing instead a greater equation or rather a concept of biology glued together by information and not mere Newton mechanics of cells. In other words evolutionists and others see biology as able to be resurrected if one could fix the parts/cellls of a thing that has died. Its the creationists who are saying biology can't be resurrected because the more important destroyed was a glue of information. This is what the bible says. Gods spirit brought life to life and not mere parts like in a machine. Thus obnly God can resurrect. Robert Byers

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