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“Science will know the answer someday” is actually worse than an IOU dated infinity

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An IOU dated Infinity is bad enough, because it preempts any discussion of whether the science is on the wrong track.

Sometimes, science is on the wrong track. Consider, for example, the efforts to turn lead into gold, which dominated the discussion of chemistry for centuries. Acknowledging complete failure to turn lead into gold meant starting to learn what elements are. What if they just kept saying, “Science will discover the answer someday!” Or made laws forcing kids to learn their rubbish at school, Darwin style? They’d still be explaining today why that grey stuff really is gold.

But another problem is, the currency in which we get paid if infinity ever arrives, is worthless. Recently, in cosmology, there’s been a war on the concept of knowing reality. See here for Leonard Susskind (“But a funny thing has happened along the way. Susskind now wonders whether physicists can understand reality.”) And here, Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow claim “ The way physics has been going, realism is becoming difficult to defend.”

Well, if they think science can’t understand reality, why should we finance their directions in science? Should we not rather seek another approach? Design, perhaps, with a focus on information theory?

Otherwise, infinity arrives and they owe us an infinite amount – in Hawkingbucks, an unvalued currency not backed by anything real.

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Semi OT: There are many parallels between the religion of Scientology and the 'science' of Darwinism in this following video. Fascinating Story from The Creator of Scientology's Grandson - DO NOT MISS THIS - Inspirational Videos - poetry slam http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=FJJEBJNU 1. Both are purely faith based,, 2. They suppress the truth through thuggery,, bornagain77
To sum up this type of reasoning as alluded to in the article, there is one single english word which describes what really is going on here. It's called - "FAITH" which is something that all world's religions have in one way or another. Clearly Evolution is a religious belief. Eocene
Dr. Dembski has a article in this light: EVOLUTION AS ALCHEMY By William A. Dembski http://www.designinference.com/documents/2006.06.Evolution_as_Alchemy.pdf bornagain77
Unless you can show that it is not possible that lead can be turn into gold, for I can think of no reason why by numerous slight modifications, each useful in it's way to the turning of lead into gold that lead should not be turned into gold given enough time. Your lack of imagination is anti-science. Mung

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