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Science writer mourns the slow suicide of science


We all remember when science used to be a “thing.” But then came the war on math, and the war on science and all that. Alex Berezow cites several causes of decline, including:

Political partisanship. There was a time when scientists knew better than to deal in politics. That time is now gone. Openly cheering for one side of the political spectrum over the other, scientists and science media outlets are gambling with their reputation.

For the first time in its 175-year history, Scientific American foolishly endorsed a presidential candidate, apparently blind to the fact that the once esteemed magazine avoided politics for nearly two centuries for a very good reason. Not to be left behind, the editor-in-chief of the internationally renowned journal Science penned an editorial about why he doesn’t like President Trump. 314 Action, a political group that seeks to elect scientists into public office, doesn’t even bother reaching out to the other side of the aisle.

This will all backfire. One of the quickest ways to destroy one’s credibility is by being overtly political, yet more of the scientific community is doing precisely that. Once credibility is lost, trust and funding often go along with it.

Alex Berezow, “The Slow Suicide Of American Science” at American Council on Science and Health

Well, from an international perspective, here’s the obvious problem: If the US Prez is THAT important, science ain’t what it used to be.

No, really, it’s that simple. Donald Trump, whatever his political fate seeking reelection, can’t do a thing for or against science, relative to say, Einstein, Schrodinger, Turing, McClintock… The current obsession with politics typifies a loss of vision.

Sure takes the shine off “Trust the Science!” We’ll remember that, in the bizarre moments with which we may all be confronted as things unfold.

Funding will NOT disappear, because all of these changes are EXPLICITLY COMMANDED by the funders. Partisan science is what the power structure wants. If the funders didn't want it, it wouldn't be happening. Tautology. The funders don't care if Deplorables lose trust, because Deplorables don't have money or power. polistra

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