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Settled science: Bunk with clout

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File:A small cup of coffee.JPG From Jonah Goldberg National Review:

For starters, why are liberalism’s pet issues the lodestars of what constitutes scientific fact? Medical science informs us fetuses are human beings. The liberal response? “Who cares?” Genetically modified foods are safe, sayeth the scientists. “Shut up,” reply the liberal activists. IQ is partly heritable, the neuroscientists tell us. “Shut up, bigot,” the liberals shriek.

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IQ is not heritable,. Thats unproven and proven otherwise. Its not a liberal issue to say that. Its a common sense, common man, Anglo American civilization and Christian insistence that intelligence is entirely of the free will. This is why I stopped reading Nat Review long ago. Its stupid. Its not representing the conservative foundations of North America. Jonah Goldberg is case in point of why conservative issues fail to quickly dominate . Liberal stuff is dumb and unreasonably keeps around. NR never supported criticism of evolutionism. Robert Byers

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