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The second Alternatives to Methodological Naturalism online conference is right around the corner! On February 25th, we will convene AM-Nat Biology, focusing on biological applications for alternatives to methodological naturalism.

You can register for the conference here.

Below is a list of talks (though some are still in the final stages of review) for the AM-Nat Biology conference:

  • Measuring Active Information in Biological Systems
  • Evolutionary Teleonomy as a Unifying Principle for the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis
  • Adequately Explaining the Use and Effect of Use of Methodological Naturalism In Origins and Behavioral Sciences
  • Alus as EPROM/RAM and LINE-1’s as means for Self Modifying DNA
  • Intelligently Designed “Errors”, Self-Destructive Designs, Rube Goldberg Machines
  • 82.5 Megabytes Does not a Human Make, 3D Biological Photocopiers, Other Mechanisms of Non-DNA Inheritance
  • How Theistic Evolutionists can Defend Evolutionary Theory while Fostering Rich Dialog
  • Discontinuity Systematics for Angiosperms
  • Expected CSI
  • Exploring Design in the Standard Codon Table Utilizing Scientific and Theological Method
  • Time as Villain; Teleology as Hero
  • Extremely Difficult Engineering Problems are Brilliantly Solved in Living Organisms
  • How Pervasive Are Taxonomically-Restricted Essential Genes?
  • Reconceptualizing the Mind-Body Problem
  • Discontinuity Systematics compared with Baraminology
  • Message Theory and the ID movement
  • Biological Codes from an Information Processing Point of View.
  • The Unnatural Protein Infrastructure Required by Organisms

The proceedings for the previous conference are available here, and the book is still staying in the top two slots of Amazon’s “Hot New Releases” in its “Science Methodology” category.

I would do that, wouldn't I. Sorry about that. You can click it again, or click below: http://www.am-nat.org/site/register-for-the-conference/ I copied the URL from the other site's wordpress, which only had the relative link on it. Grrr... test your links, johnnyb, test your links. johnnyb
Your link to conference registration is broken rigby
Is the signup link broken? Eric Anderson
An intriguing set of titles, though I understand some will change. Looking forward to hearing the talks. Joshua G
Just to note - a few of these titles have changed. This was the list at the abstract cutoff date. A few authors have changed focus due to reviewer comments, and one or two may be missing from the final program, but they are essentially the same. johnnyb

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