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“Skeptical Inquirer” calls National Geographic book a “natural disaster”

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We don’t hear this often. But this episode is helpful for understanding the real war on science:

Anyone promoting dietary supplements should inform patients that buying them is risky. Numerous independent studies have analyzed the products on the market. They have consistently found errors. Sometimes they contain a different ingredient from what the label promises. The dosage listed on the label is often wrong, with some products containing much less or even no active ingredient and others containing many times what the label says. Contaminants have been frequently found, including heavy metals, carcinogens, insect parts, and even prescription drugs. You can’t be sure what you’re getting. Buying them is a gamble akin to buying street drugs in a back alley.

Many experts have pointed out that there’s no such thing as alternative medicine; there’s only medicine that has been tested and proven to work and medicine that hasn’t. When a medicine has been tested and proven to work, you can’t call it “alternative” anymore; you have to just call it “medicine.”

Harriet Hall, “National Geographic Book Is A ‘Natural’ Disaster” at Skeptical Inquirer

The main thing to see here is that the book is published by National Geographic, once a source you would not have expected to be backing this stuff.

The real war on science is not doubts about Darwin. To the extent that so many people have allowed Darwinists to snooker them into believing that, they likely don’t know what to do now that seriously fact-challenged points of view can parade as virtue.

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Which side will atheists choose in the war on science? They need to re-evaluate their alliance with progressivism, which is doing science no favours.

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