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Vincent Torley’s posts now indexed, searchable

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Regular readers will of course be familiar with Vincent Torley’s insightful posts. It is a pleasure to report that he has made three lists of his 380 articles: one ordered by date, one indexed by subject, and one indexed by subject’s name.

Make your writing assignments fun! Okay, okay, can we settle for better and faster?

Over the years I've found I can often tell the author of a post here at UD by the title. VJ and KF always stand out for their thoughtful articles. Thanks for your combination of careful attention to detail and focus on the heart of the issue, vjtorley. That is a difficult combination to master. I'll be perusing the lists to see if I've missed anything good. tragic mishap
This is great! Now I don't have to keep separate links any more. Mung
Hi News. Thanks for informing readers about my three lists of the articles I've published on Uncommon Descent. If readers look at the list that's ordered by subject, they'll notice check marks next to a few articles, which I consider to be among my better efforts. I would very much appreciate any ideas from readers as to what I might usefully do with these articles. I was thinking of sending a couple off to journals or something, but I've never done that before, so I could use a few tips. Thanks again, News. vjtorley

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