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What’s science and what’s not: ET vs. Bigfoot


Bigfoot’s big, yeah, but one current noise is Ogopogo. A friend writes to say that

A documentary film crew from Quebec is in Kelowna this week looking for Ogopogo.

However, director Catherine Lemercier admits she’s a skeptic, not only about Ogopogo but also the myriad of other creatures she’s documenting for a series of one-hour TV shows called Boogeyman.

The chances of seeing the Okanagan’s famous lake creature are slim, so Lemercier, her videographer and sound man are concentrating on a series of interviews with people who claim to have seen Ogopogo as well as those who know its history.

“It’s also a travel show, so we want to know what’s nice and interesting to do here around Kelowna,” she told The Daily Courier after interviewing long-time reporter J.P. Squire.

That’s a good idea, because the Okanagan Valley is a beauty spot, and good wine and fruit country. If you visit just to relax in lovely surroundings, chances are you will.

purple space alien Meanwhile, some of us are left with a question: This stuff is clearly not science. But when we hear that the space aliens are hiding from us in order to survive. Or there is not enough time for Darwinian evolution to cause them to evolve. Or they are hiding in junk DNA, we find ourselves asking why space alien speculation somehow does get classed with science.

There is a fun and revealing book  for a cultural historian in how ET  gets classified as science and Ogopogo as non-science . Here at UD, we use a third category for both: Nonsense.

Note: We were going to run Ogopogo as a Fri Nite Frite, but then we thought, ahh, he ain’t scary, he’s Canadian. Indeed, Lemercier noted that he is, “very light and fun. He’s a nice vegetarian.”

But please, readers, do NOT think that the local BC bears are vegetarians. They aren’t. They are also not nonsense:


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