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You can’t be an honest atheist and a progressive at the same time.

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From Denyse O’Leary at MercatorNet:

… She worries about the fact that some prominent atheists are attracted to the intellectual dark web, “an alliance of heretics” making “an end run around the mainstream conversation” (New York Times). The dark web includes figures like Jordan B. Peterson, Steven Pinker, and Bret Weinstein,) who want to discuss research findings and contemporary events without the muzzle of political correctness. New atheist Sam Harris, a dark webber, has recently been accused of “pseudoscientific racialist speculation” by assorted progressives. Why? Having finally read sociologist Charles Murray’s controversial book on IQ, The Bell Curve (1994), Harris doesn’t think it is mere “racist trash” but an argument from a body of data that a scientist like himself should answer. His attackers prefer that the book be denounced unread.

And that is where the atheists face a brutal choice: to remain honest truth seekers, they must part company with serious progressives. For example, atheists believe that it is true that there is no God. Serious progressives believe that all “truths” are constructs created by power-seekers. Whether or not progressives claim to be atheists, they are nihilists. For all they know, there could be a God as long as he is not in their way when they force others to think, say, or do something. The post-modern progressive is as deadly an enemy to atheists as he is to theists. He is deadly to the intellectual life, period.

A paper given at this year’s Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences (Canada) offers an interesting angle on the atheist movement’s future. Comparative religion student Chris Miller took on the best-known trait of public atheists: mocking the beliefs of others. … More.

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"Progressive" nowdays is akin to cultural Marxism. CannuckianYankee
Just out of curiosity, what do you understand by "progressive"? Seversky
In my experience, modern leftists are almost always a/mats with a special contempt for Christianity and a strange fondness for Islam. I avoid such people as much as possible. Truth Will Set You Free
The problem is that the Atheist and Prog groups overlap because they share the same basic fear, which is the fear of Christianity, that clouds all their judgements. So you get the Atheist who rejects out of hand, and the Prog who pays lip service, waters down, or plays some kind of New Morality card. The goal is the same, though. Diminish Christianity. Andrew asauber

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