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Central galaxy black hole a quantum computer?

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From physicist Sabine Hossenfelder at Aeon:

Might nature’s bottomless pits actually be ultra-efficient quantum computers? That could explain why data never dies

Hawking’s discovery of black-hole evaporation has presented theoretical physicists with a huge conundrum: general relativity says that black holes must destroy information; quantum mechanics says it cannot happen because information must live on eternally. Both general relativity and quantum mechanics are extremely well-tested theories, and yet they refuse to combine. The clash reveals something much more fundamental than a seemingly exotic quirk about black holes: the information paradox makes it aptly clear that physicists still do not understand the fundamental laws of nature.

But Gia Dvali, professor of physics at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, believes he’s found the solution. ‘Black holes are quantum computers,’ he says. ‘We have an explicit information-processing sequence.’ If he is correct, the paradox is no more, and information truly is immortal. Even more startling, perhaps, is that his concept has practical implications. In the future, we might be able to tap black-hole physics to construct quantum computers of our own.More.

Well, that is one way of wringing the it from the bit. At least they have the order right this time. But how would this computer have originated?

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[...] the information paradox makes it aptly clear that physicists still do not understand the fundamental laws of nature.
Really? Is this serious? :) Doesn't Science have it all figured out? Well, almost all? :) Dionisio
Another option to the conundrum, is to deny that Black Holes evaporate. After all, Hawking radiation remains an unconfirmed theory. And I'm coming to appreciate that virtual particles are not just virtual, but an illegal shortcut to getting a solution to the full QM wave equations. This is why Hawking radiation violates entropy conservation, because virtual particles violate entropy conservation, and Hawking has simply assumed that the virtual particles are going to pop into existence at the BH horizon. But they can't! Because the fully entangled wavefunctions are not permitted to cross the horizon, and that changes (I assert without proof) their existence assumption. Robert Sheldon

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