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Einstein is safe – for now: Neutrinos may not be faster than light


In “Faster-than-light neutrinos could be down to bad wiring” (BBC News, 23 February 2012), we learn of two equipment flaws. Onre would report the neutrinos as slower than their actual speed but

the team also said they found a problem in the optical fibre connection between the GPS signal and the experiment’s main clock.

In contrast, the team said that effect would increase the neutrinos’ apparent speed.

Both OPERA and other labs need to repeat the experiment.

In the age of fake but accurate, it was heartening to hear a particle physicist say,

“Just as it would have been unwise to jump to the conclusion that the initial results were the result of an anomaly, it would be unwise to make any assumptions now. It is the nature of science that theories have to be tested, re-tested and then tested again”.

The critical question is, can researchers live with the results if they do turn out to be faster than light?

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That's how it is supposed to work, right? Make an extraordinary observation, report it because you want more minds involved, and then set out to confirm or refute that extraordinary observation. Joe

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