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Preprint server arXiv rejects NON-wild ideas?


If so, big problem for starter physicists

From Nature:

The site – where physicists, mathematicians and other researchers routinely post their articles before peer review — has previously been accused of bias for filtering out some of the wilder ideas it receives. But in a December blogpost that is now provoking debate, Nicolas Gisin, a quantum physicist at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, suggests that arXiv moderators wrongly blacklisted two of his students from posting their work.

Gisin notes that being unable to post to arXiv has a detrimental effect on young researchers’ careers, because it is so influential — the preprint server holds more than 1.1 million papers and receives well over 9,000 submissions each month. He is concerned that the site’s volunteer moderators have too much power. In reply to Gisin’s complaint, arXiv moderators say that they do not blacklist people and cannot comment on this particular case. But other physicists say that the preprint server needs to be more transparent about its screening process. More.

See also: “RNA makes palladium” paper to be retracted? One wonders, if the paper hadn’t been cited so often, might it have just fallen into oblivion? Raised now and then, about a hypothesis re RNA, but never replicated?

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Replication as key science reform

Hat tip: Bioethics


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