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There is more than one kind of dark energy?

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An astrophysicist suggests:

Even though we don’t know what dark energy is, over the years theorists have made some feeble attempts to potentially explain it (because, obviously, it must have some physical source, and explaining physical sources of things we see in nature is the job of theorists). One of the most attractive ideas floating around out there is that there is some sort of quantum field that is responsible for dark energy and keeping the pedal to the cosmological metal. Quantum fields are pretty handy — they soak every bit of space-time and are responsible for generating the forces and particles that make up our everyday existence — and so it’s not so crazy to imagine that there’s a new quantum field (one never before known to science) that has just the right properties to trigger accelerated expansion…

By allowing for multiple quantum fields to generate dark energy, it might be possible for string theory to still be relevant in our universe, as these models may not be stuck in the “swampland.”

But that means we have to find evidence that there is more than one agent responsible for dark energy.

Paul Sutter, “Is there more than one dark energy?” at

It sounds as though they’ll be at this a long time. We’ve never found any dark matter, let alone dark energy.

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    Pearlman says:

    just like one lie leads to another, one faulty or invalid hypothesis, not discarded, leads to another.
    How much fudge can they make and we take? 🙁
    no need to require/predict any of the 95% of matter fudge factor.
    reference the YeC Moshe Emes series volume II ‘creation science and big bang cosmology’.

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