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There may be some evidence for the Higgs boson after all

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Here. Glad they’re being suitably cautious; we’ll keep watching.

I read somewhere that CERN is in big financial trouble do to the financial crisis unfolding throughout Europe. Whether it's true or not, I am not sure, but if It is true, then I'm not surprised they’re claiming to have cornered the Higgs boson. It wouldn't be the first time CERN has rushed results.. KRock
The bottom line, is that humans have always shown a need for a God. Something bigger and more important, than just us. That's why isolated tribes, if they don't know who God is make up there own. It's something you would devote your life to. Science has become something like that to many people, to others it is their country, or ruler, and of course religions. There has to be something that drives us like that. The only thing I think is, that would it be better to find out who God is rather, than the particle or gene he left? Why would 'evolution' do anything like that? http://patternsofcreation.weebly.com/ MrDunsapy

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